In the World of Hope

Posted: April 12, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Awuol Gabriel Arok, Junub Sudan, Poems.

By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan

With its beautifulness and greatness

My mother bore the hardship of Pregnancy and tirelessness;

This world, the village of darkness, evil hoppers and choppers,

You made it mum and now I am here in this world;

World of people who live on weariness and hope


In the world of hope; my parents

Brain minded me to the use of pens,

White writing became my immediate assets and belong,

Young and humble man parenting writing materials;

Clearing chalk dust from my empty looking face


In the world of hope; my consciousness;

Accepted all ups and downs journey of life,

By taking time in studying papers, hearing speech;

And visually exploring the world,

Mum; I was not idle among my age mates,

And to you dad; I was a fireworm among my colleagues


In the world of hope; my foot tumbled, on the black stones of death

In this world of hope, I am able to wade

Through high valleys and mountains of flowing waters

And Through my aspiration I am able to step into;

The Muddy River and cross it to get the burning wires of the fortunate.


In the world of hope; I have to be a soldier;

A culture of my generation,

Making me a dualistic gentleman with;

Titles of comrade and academia,

A man in the struggling circle and revolution of his generation

In the world of hope, folks assume future to be the target

Without knowing Peace is costless and Hardship is a blame.

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