Children of the Rich Mother

Posted: April 17, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

Poem by Wol Deng Atak

You, yes, you! The Children of the Rich Mother, how could a gun chase a weak among you to the ruin of poverty! Oh no! Are you the Children of the once so much respected Motherland?

How did you allow the gun to sniff lives out of existence at your watch!

The lubricants of your livelihood were readily cascading through a wave of glory from the hills of your land to the sea of returns – only you had allowed it to flow uninterruptedly would you defeat a bite of poverty;

Mother’s precious treasures lie underneath waiting for you to tap for your own good – only if you can silent the sound of that gun would you enjoy their fruits!


Underneath Mother’s feet do gasses dance with widespread arms waiting for you to lift up – only if you give your attention to them and neglect the use of guns against one another would you enjoy the dividends this gift!


Bushes and wild vegetation willingly welcomes you with a wide smile;


Offering you giant sweet pineapples, mangoes, bananas, yams, sesame seeds, nuts, grains, honey, and milk – only if you neglect guns would you enjoy receipts from your Motherland!


Yes! You have so much more than a pen could paint. Wake up! Free yourselves for the weeds of petty yet destructive things occupying your hearts!

The mother is wondering how could anyone in this neighborhood want to take advantage of her children’s sufferings!


But do you, the children of her womb care a bit?


Can a neighbor stop feeding her children from the treasures at the backyards of ever-not-caring children of the Rich Mother?

Think, oh children of the Rich Mother!  Think again! Why is your Mother so rich yet you, the children so poor? Why?

Mother, South Sudan, you are so beautiful endowed with a land full of blessings yet you are bleeding relentlessly as though a curse soaked in endless abject poverty!


Can any of you the children of the Rich Mother, who so much endowed with privileges, stop to show care just a little bit?

The Mother is so rich; full of blessings, but why would wise children allow poverty to take reign in their own backyards?

Think again children of the Rich Mother! Just think for a minute!


 If only and only if you honor peace, harmony and tolerate one another would you enjoy your Mother’s blesses.

I love you, mother, South Sudan. I weep for you day in and day out!!

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