America vs China: There is far too little Global Leadership Today in the World

Posted: April 18, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

By Hon. Taban Abel Aguek, Yirol, South Sudan

April 18, 2018 (SSB) — The world today is in complete disarray and no one seems to do anything about it. The human creativity, mental and innovative power have all been put to a serious abuse. In short, man has not only lost the true values of humanity but has also misused the strength and quality of its brain.

Centuries ago – before the civilization – the biggest enemy of man used to be wild animals and natural calamities. People used to fear lions, leopards, crocodiles, elephants, snakes and many other animals. Human beings used to fear storms, floods, drought etc. Today, neither natural calamities nor dangerous animals are a priority concern for man.

Physically, one of the weakest of all the creatures on earth is a human being. A man cannot run faster than a goat, has no better sight than a cat and also has no a jaw-power of a dog – the simple domestic animals man.

But because necessity is the mother of invention, the human brain became one of the busiest and most active brains of all creatures on earth. Through the brain power man emerged the ruler of the world. From inventing the use of stones, sticks and spears the “weak” man did not only overcome the ‘canine’ dominated earth but has actually risen to rule it.

From being the hunted, the man quickly turned the hunter; and it continues to hunt and haunt the whole world every day. All the animal and plant life on earth is either semi-slave or is in complete mercy of mankind.

Well, it’s not very bad that man has used its small brain to tame a lion, tiger, zebra – put them all in a zoo – and turn them into less dangerous assets of man. But man has misused the supremacy of its brain against mankind.

Today, the worst enemy of a human being is another human being. To some extent, a pet in places like USA, China, Russia and UK today has a better comfort than a human being in some parts of the world. This is a complete twist of fate. Everything else has gone the opposite. The biggest loser of the contemporary world is a human being. This is because “man is killing man.”

The big question is: why is human race against itself? According to international scholar Rudolph J Rummel in his book, “Understanding Conflict and War” the cause for wars and conflicts are “opposing interests and capabilities, significant change in the balance of power, individual perceptions and expectations and a disrupted structure of expectations. All these can be aggravated by sociocultural dissimilarity, cognitive imbalance, status difference and coercive state power. It adds that these can be triggered perception of opportunity, threat, fear or injustice.

When you look critically into this issue one finds that it all revolves and wounds around one thing only: interests.

So, the simple answer one would assume as to why the human race is against itself is because of opposing interests. They can be political, cultural, religious or economic interests and the urge for mightiness of some sort; and quest for more and more supremacy in a man-man competition. That is to put it in a simple layman language.

As a result, man has grown so sophisticated in its desire to kill another man. For centuries now, there has been a serious search for faster ways by humans to kill other humans. From automatic rifles to heavy artilleries, from Atomic bombs to Nuclear bombs, from missiles to drones and from massive war ships to war planes, man continues to pile up very expensive ‘fatal’ hardware that could cost an entire earth. As if that’s not enough, there is still an arm race among the dirty global elites who pretend to work for welfare and justice for all when in fact, they still prioritize their interests above the lives of others. Each day, these elites try to work on any bomb that can put to an eternal sleep as many people as possible in a wider range at a shorter time. They are all working towards invention that slaughter humans. Then afterwards they come gleefully after every catastrophe humanitarian aid campaign, something Dr Dambisa Moyo referred to in her famous book as “Dead Aid.” Human beings should not in the first place be used as subjects for lethal experiments.

All around the world there is death, chaos, rape and so many other inhuman atrocities happening everyday. And then the worst is the current leaders feel there is nothing completely wrong about it.

Human technology has evaded the rightful use for better human deeds. Spying and surveillance technology has been hugely financed and subsequently enhanced simply to get to what others are doing and to carefully plan against them.

Ironically, the same brains behind military technology designed to cost human lives has had little resources to invest on peace, health, poverty reduction and climate change.

How easy that people could easily make scientific military wonders and couldn’t make any significant progress on the curb or cure for deadly diseases like cancer, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS and malaria? Something appears just fishy or something else must be discovered on the science itself – the science that make military progress each year but fail to address other vital immediate human needs.

Most people on earth today do not know why they suffer. The human politics has become as complex as the human brain. And it all has been waxed together like a spider web. People are suffering in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Sudan, South Sudan and many other countries simply because of conflicts that have no strong basis. Generally, the causes of most conflicts have tended to be cheaper than the lives lost in the wars fought in their name.

People who instigate such mess ended up amassing nothing from the conflicts, but patchy interests of the worldly goods that are not even lasting – in fact these are things that they don’t take to their graves – but yet they leave pain in the hearts of many people for so many decades, and possibly centuries. The conflicts have not made any religion or any race better than others.

But we still live in one world. And the funny thing – maybe one consolation – is that no one owns this world forever. Every strong human being comes and goes. Every generation has got its kind of a Hitler and a Mandela – not in their exact match – but with same brutal hearts or peace loving minds.

Nevertheless, the world has never stop moving on even for a single day. The world has had – and still has – an array of silent Hitlers. The difference is only in the approach. Meanwhile, the old Hitler used zyklon B gas in the holocaust gas chambers, the new ones use sophisticated technology, knowledge and intelligence to do exactly the same heinous acts either directly by their hands or pitying one group against another to kill themselves. All in all, what is lost under those crop of leaders are lives of people. Shamelessly, the same leaders use the military and economic prowess to press for more harm to a feeble woman and a helpless child. It is the reason now they drown in the oceans in their desperate attempts to go save their lives. And each morning, it appears there is nothing wrong in the world. The news channels hype them just to set up another game. Most resources still go into leisure, political campaigns and technology developments geared towards military advancement.

The bottom line is that the global leadership is at a total loss. There has been total failure by political and religious leaders. It’s either the global leaders do not want a world peace or they continue to value earthly interests more than human life.

If all powerful global leaders could prioritize humanity over everything else, the world would be a better place. If they accept in their hearts of flesh, not in their cunning hearts of stone, the world can be better place tomorrow.

The global summits by UN and other prominent nations have all appeared like celebrity shows. Nothing tangible has been produced from those leaders’ summits.

Leaders must advocate for human peace and commit more resources to humanity regardless of race and religion. One vital asset of humanity is trust. Its completely lost among the competing human races, nations and clans of the world.

Today, the world under America, China, Russia and religious leaders like all sheiks and imams, popes and all other leaders must agree from their hearts to fight racial competition and religious bigotry. Both political and religious leaders must prioritize humanity above all the other things. If there is true global leadership, not the nonsense of the UN, the organization which has become a political organization itself, much effort should be exerted on shelving rivalry, political competitions and elitism. If we resist the urge for thr earthly interests of wealth and leadership we can make this world a better place.

Taban Abel Aguek (MP) is State Minister for Gender, Child & Social Welfare in Eastern Lakes State, Yirol, South Sudan. He can be reached at

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