The hate that never quit: South Sudan is too big to be Gogrialized

Posted: April 26, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

The negative sweep generalization of Gogrial’s communities is an act of dishonesty: South Sudan is bigger to be Gogrialize “haters should be told”.

By Longar Mathiec Wol, Nairobi, Kenya

April 26, 2018 (PW) — As the nation continues with it polarization, the situation continues to collide tribe against tribe, communities against communities and individuals against individuals. The war characterizes by political interest and tribal affiliation continues to deprive our nation a unity we have been yarning for since the beginning of the war.

However, the polarization has gone beyond expectation as some opposition figures specially the attention seekers, recognition seekers young aspiring opposition members who terribly failed to differentiate the differences between the communities and the government have it on social media that president Salva Kiir is working toward Gogrialization of South Sudan.

I wonder how feasible that statement is, but the nuisance knows better. I am not depending president since he is capable of depending himself but the truth should be told. Communities don’t appoint people to any positions in government.These mere lies are cook by the social media rebels and keyboard warriors, whose goals and objectives are to tarnish president name and his community. There has never been a government in the world that has ever been composed of one particular tribe leave alone community, government is a combination of all the tribes of South Sudan, though some of these tribes are not represented in ministerial positions today, still they have equal chance of holding these positions in any governments to come in the near future.

And for your information ministerial positions are not the only positions in the government, there are many other junior positions being held by these tribes or communities within the government. There is no way where all the tribes would be represented in ministerial position unless some one wanted to tell me the nation should create 64 ministerial positions to accommodate all the tribes, which seems unviable.

Criticism has never been bad, because criticism keep you on check, where there is criticism there is a competition and where there is a competition there is a progress. But to these keyboard warriors they miserably failed to understand that there is a big difference between the community and the government in Juba. Failing to distinguish and discuss our differences professionally will cause lasting damage in our social fabric.

This confused bevy don’t understand, coming from a certain community is not a crime; they too have communities where they came from but continuing with this negative and sweep generalization criticism and specifically on communities will force members from that particular community to verbally response which will look ugly; it will bring a situation we are trying hard to avoid and to prevent from happening; us versus them scenario situation.

We want to inform them that their ill intention and poor strategies to collide the communities within certain geographical area has been discovered and it will terribly fail. One thing they refused to understand is that this so call positions desperate opposition will not last forever, it will come to an end and some of them will think of becoming leaders. Who do you think will support you from some of these communities you are generalizing blindly in your abuse without having a glimpse that government is secerned from a community.

President Kiir came to that position through our unanimous decision as South Sudanese not as people of Gogrial. Yes, he is a son of Gogrial and we are proud of that regardless of your perception about him, he deserves a support at this critical moment, he needs us more than ever before. There is no one who don’t commit mistake even those who claim to be angels can easily go wrong; this despicable has never done any thing to make any differences in South Sudan but they keep continue barking.

These people are fast to shift allegiance from one opposition to the next without looking at the goals and objectives of these opposition movements; without knowing that these oppositions are born out of frustration from some leaders who have been deprived from continuing looting the nation. If I may ask you, who among these opposition leaders who have never been to government? What tangible thing could you tell me, to convince me that they have done before they were sacked and left the government?

Absolutely nothing, the record are there to bear me witness, the only thing they did well is to loot and use the same resources they loot to destroy their hard won independence nation. It is precarious situation and unfortunate that some one eats in the dish and urinates in the same dish he ate food out of it at the same time. If not because of that ill acquired wealth which is itching them, then I don’t see a reason to why a sound minded like them as I assumed should rebelled against the system he work hard to established.

Who among these so call opposition leaders who have never held a high position in the government they are today fighting. They honorable thing the should have done is to initiate the process of correcting their past mistakes that have backfire instead of fighting their own establishment.

The current mistake we are experiencing today did not just started in 2013 when the war begun, they events just collided, but the truth of the matter is that this disaster we are witnessing today specially that of economy was underway. All those mistakes don’t lie squarely on president Kiir, it is because other people are dishonest and when they failed they don’t want to take responsibility and that’s why they caused commotion to give them chance to run away.

It should be up to the people of South Sudan to held this people individually accountable for theft and betrayal of the nation. These people used president Kiir kindness as an imbecility without knowing that president Kiir’s failure is also their failure, because they were all decision makers at some point. You can tell me that these situations the country undergoing have just started when they left.

In many countries oppositions are seen as an alternative to put government on check and balance and incase where the government completely failed people give these oppositions a mandate through democratic process to lead, but in South Sudan, the country where sham opposition and rebellion is seen as business, they looters went outrage and the worse of all misled they young people to blindly follow them without knowing these public funds siphoned tycoons are too wealthy to educate their children, maintain their families abroad for as long as they wish without going bankrupt in short term.

One unfortunate thing is that the young people think that fighting the government is the only way to bring the change the country needs, I assumed not to be the case; there are many countries currently leading in democracy in the world that went through tough time and they never gave up in non-violence change. Language of gun at 21st century is an outdated style and those who still look at it as the only way of bringing change need to see psychiatric for mental disorder check up.

It time as young people to distance ourselves from being used by these power hungry politicians; let us look for another unique way of making change realizable if there is need for them specially those ones who are sweep generalizing the community blindly. I thought the selves proclaim intellectuals know the differences between the government and the community. What do you think if someone decided to negatively sweep generalize the community where you held?

There is no community greater than any other community, neither tribe superior than any other tribe. An attempted by a single tribe or community to control the affairs of the state will never yield any fruits; the communalization or tribalization of the state affairs regardless of whether Dinkanization or Nuerization or any other tribe has no space in South Sudan.

South Sudan is the one of the most diverse country in term of multiethnic and multicultural in Africa. Any attempt to tribalize or communalize will miserably failed, and we had witnessed how it terribly failed when Dr. Riek Machar tried to nuerize the national issues to gain support which left many innocent Nuers stuck in between the South Sudanization and Nuerization.

The confusion on what strategies to use to gain support whether South Sudanization to widen the support scope and attract many South Sudanese or sticking to Nuerization that will narrow support base from others South Sudanese which led to the failure as we have seen.

One perception people hold dearly and a fall at the same time is that, unconstructive impugn of the community where the leader or leaders come from will helps in imposing the opposition strategies of regime change agenda. In fact it is helping the leader or leaders to stay in power for long. What do you expect from the persons who come from that particular community with the same grievance as yours you are sweep generalizing expect to react? Your utterance is a signal to them that they are not welcome there.

Though this sweep generalization is bad to the community that is being targeted, it is also bad to your organization because it will backfire and cause divergence in your camp unless you people don’t care about your so revolution goals and objective since it has been tribalized and communalized to the extent that ideologies are based on tribe and community.

The opposition members should focus on real issues since people expect more from them instead of your so call Gogrialization of South Sudan campaign. For your information South Sudan is bigger to be Gogrialize, it is due to the shallow minded and lack of knowledge on real issues from some opposition figures is why they express such meaningless utterances. In my view, I though only these notorious mzees who never had good education could speak they way young people are doing today.

I assumed they have been exposed and had better experience compare to older generation “tribal gyration” but I wasn’t right. With some of us having degrees and other undergoing the same training I assumed they are professionals and professionals use evidences to support their argument; I didn’t know that the trend was changing so fast. The so call Gogrialization of South Sudan as many uniformed young opposition members put it wasn’t the reason why the like of Dr. Riek Machar, Dr. Lam Akol, Gen. Paul Malong and etcetera left the government, but their collective failure and failing to find the solution to their own mistakes is what led to our current situation.

There is no one who have right to stop you from opposing the government the way you wish except government itself, because no individual own the government but you don’t have right to continue decampaigning the certain community without expecting any opposing views or resistance.

This piece of writing is not an answer to your negative utterances that you have been circulating on social media about Gogrial, but to serve as information, informing you that what you are doing is disrespectful to the Gogrial as state and the people of Gogrial and will not longer be tolerated.

Therefore, to the individuals who have been targeting Gogrialians and they know themselves, this one serve as the last warning to you and if you don’t cease from such rhetoric then the concern citizens from this community will response accordingly and harshly. It is not a business as usual.

The author is a concern South Sudanese national residing in Nairobi, Kenya and can be reach through his Email address:

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