The “Kwak legacy” of the SPLM and the age of Demokiiracy in South Sudan

Posted: April 26, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

By Jon Pende Ngong, Nairobi, Kenya

April 26, 2018 (PW) — KWAK (as in the picture) is Kiir-Wani-Awet-Kuol conclave, the only top SPLM/A High Command Council members remaining alive and in Juba.

The KWAK Conclave has been hijacked by ‘NCPLM’, an intermarriage between NCP of Bashir and SPLM of Kiir, bringing us a hybrid system of the bloody ‘SALBASHIR RULE’ in Juba, with ten tentacles under handpicked governors thrown on the neck of the of the fledgling country, then mutated to 28, now 32 ‘Kiirlets’ controlling the periphery through ‘dekiirees’ and reign of terror in this era of error.

This misrule will leave Salva Kiir in the ugly pages of modern African history. I call it the ‘divide-and-ruin policy’, a predatory type of nation building process practiced through division of communities into ethnic administrative units called ‘states’ instead of networking these ethnicities into one monolithic nation state.

The KWAK Group is nothing but a symbol of crude and rude power that is premised on total deceit and defeat: just to keep our populace in the know that their SPLM is in its place, little knowing that the real SPLM (the vision) lies in the grave with the Founder, John Garang.

And while the rest of the party and nation founders, including Garang’s family and the so-called ‘Garang’s Boys’, are scattered and running amok with ethnically partitioned rebel movements and others running helter skelter for their dear lives but with non-effective politics up and down the partisan East Africa region, the KWAK historicals have been owned by the said ‘NCPLM’ kleptocrats.

Even an illiterate former Bashir’s compound tender, who challenged our fight for independence through a people’s plebiscite in Khartoum’s high court in 2010 and surrendered to Juba in 2012, is now Kiir’s most important adviser in the national security chair. That type of the SPLM that confides in the likes of Tutkew (Tut Gatluak) is what this writer calls ‘NCPLM’.

The KWAK are naïvely running that broken piece of a pot called South Sudan through a pseudo-democracy to be known as the ‘Demokiiracy’, a one-man show that is perpetrated by Kiir himself and perpetuated by his series of serious ‘Oyee Choirs’ and yes sayers. Anything less than this is an automatic rebel, only to be regretted by him later if their lives are spared.

Regrettably, the brand of SPLM running, say ruining, our trapped people’s lives in Juba is brutally predatory, engulfing other underling parties. Not even that but the SPLM’s cannibalistic approach is self-gnawing in such a way that even the inner-circle members with contrary opinions are not spared.

For example, apart from the exiled members, it is rumoured and feared that the ‘vowel voice’ of the ‘KWAK’ acronym is not free due to the outcome of this meeting of the Big Four and his outbursts in his Lakes community funeral rite.

So the rumour mill has it that Hon. Awet Akot was not sighted during the Gen. Ajongo’s funeral eulogies in the big tent as well as in many other venues that he frequents, something unusual, which complements the recent media allegations that he could be facing the house arrest fate of Gen. Paul Malong and Gen. Marial, among others.

In short, the ‘Demokiiracy’ principle borders the statement always attributed to dictator Iddi Amin Dada that states that he could guarantee freedom of expression but not freedom after expression!

The SPLM and Kiir are therefore facing an uncertain legacy unless they conduct a fast and furious political surgery to this ongoing thuggery and general breakdown in their system over their decade of decadence.

I have said my part, though I do not have any ‘inucentive’ in their regime!

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