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By Hon. Atong Kuol Manyang, Bor, Jonglei State

May 2, 2018 (PW) — May 1, 2018 Labor Day experience was different from the past ones because it was well spent with my cousin Kuol from wut . I couldn’t help but noticed that while he walked majestically to sit opposite me, he was undeniably handsome, confident, athletic, charming, with uncombed but neat short natural hair.

He seemed to be in his late teenage years or early twenties, standing at about 6’4 tall with an appealing personality. His smile was so genuine and tempting to watch that I had to finally stop typing on my laptop to give him all the attention that he deserved.

Moreover, it did not come to me as a surprise that his six lower teeth (4 incisors, 2 canines) and two upper canines had been removed as this is a common cultural practice by the Dinka tribe. His teeth were so white and perfectly implanted into his dark gum which almost made me question if charcoal was really that black. (more…)