Aweil Dinka Community condemns “systematic targeting of our sons in Juba”

Posted: May 6, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

Press Release: Greater Aweil community in Kenya condemns communal killings and Kidnapping of Aweil sons on daily basis in Juba, South Sudan

Sunday, May 6, 2018 (PW) — The act of kidnapping and murdering of our sons is despicable and we are condemning it in the strongest terms possible.

Your Excellency, we are writing to you as a community (Greater Aweil community in Kenya) requesting for immediate release of our sons that are being detained by the National Security in unknown location within Juba.

We are registering our concerns that our sons are undergoing harsh treatment as they languish in the torture chamber with their basic rights completely denied.On this, we are pleading  with you that these barbaric mistreatments ranging from deliberate denial to feeding, kidnapping, torturing, detention in undisclosed locations, concealment from relatives and even murder are despicably destestable and therefore, we urge you to stop the act because it is indeed humiliatingly inhumane.

This community is offended by this act of her sons extermination despite having stood with you shoulder to shoulder for long time especially at the time you most needed us.

The torture chamber is full and 90% of those detained are our sons. We have already lost a handful. Could that be the right treatment you want us to go through Mr. President?

Your Excellency, please effect the release of our five sons currently in detention facilities namely,1st Lt. Lual Akoon Wieu,1st Lt. Kuach Atuer, Diing Bak, Thon Majak and Gabriel Ladu among others.

Like most South Sudanese, we need unfettered mobility for every person of Aweil decent outsidd and inside Juba since we aren’t enemies to the government. We shouldn’t be robbed of freedom we deserved.

Your Excellency, we Aweil community like other South Sudanese communities have participated robustly in the liberation struggle moreover, unreservedly in pursuit of liberty.

Our driving force is none other than moral obligation passionately driven by loyalty clad with inherent patriotism so as to achieve the goal of owning a country that we call home.

It defeats our imagination that our sweat, spilled blood and unreserved participation, in disrespect to our fallen heroes and heroines is being rewarded with insults, toruture and murdering directed at our few remaining sons. It is in fact unacceptable.

Extra-judicial killing of our sons should ceased because it is inhumane and degrading and thus it is outlawed internationally. Detainees ahould be subjected to judicial processes and murdering in cold blood is indeed inhumane and must not be advanced especially on our sons.

It is our hope that you will put this humble request into consideration and a possible release of the aforementioned people and others languishing in detention is effected.


Signed by:

1. Kiir Kiir Akol, Chairperson Aweil State

2.Deng Lino Nhial, chairperson Aweil East State

3. Kuach Atuer, chairperson Lol State

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