The US Gov’t should not abuse Americans generosity to bully other nations

Posted: May 10, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

US and Allies should Trust the Truth

By Emmanuel Monychol Akop, Juba, South Sudan

Thursday, May 10, 2018 (PW) — For a better South Sudan, the US Government should not act like an Opposition to South Sudan Government.

Well, I have read the statement of the US Press Secretary on the Civil War in South Sudan with great interest, and also with pity. It is clear for some of us who are on the ground here in South Sudan that the US Press Secretary on the Civil War in South Sudan wrote the statement, basing facts, on the findings of the NGOs and the opposition, and so, much as it is honest attempt to express the US frustration, it is short of facts, because it is a one-sided story.

To begin with, and bluntly so, South Sudanese no longer buy the idea that the US did this or that for South Sudan…this song has become monotonous. The US has often bragged about helping the birth of South Sudan, and offering millions of US Dollars to this effort; although we cannot say to whom those millions of US Dollars have been given. The US and her allies should give us an accountability – to whom this money was given, and what was done with it. In South Sudan, we say “Do not Praise Yourself for the Good Thing you did for Other; let Other do the Praise!”

I have said again and again, that much as that help is acknowledged, it should NOT be used as a benchmark to deligitimise or persecute South Sudanese leaders – or even attempt to prosecute them in the courts of law for sabotaging actions of opposition openly supported by the successive US Governments.

The US Government talks of worst humanitarian disasters, deaths of innocent people, but Trump Government should also understand that it is a rebellion that is being supported by its Government (through allowing rebels to stage material mobilisation in American soil) that is killing people. People are getting killed, humanitarian support is unable to reach the vulnerable, because the rebels and their armed opposition are getting money from America, Australia and Britain to wage a war against the Government – and the government is protecting itself from being overthrown – yet stable governments like the US and allies are unwilling to stand on firm ground with South Sudanese government – instead it is working to see the government elected by the people go… If this war and disasters have to end, the US and her allies should stop rebels from mobilising resources in their soil – to destabilise South Sudan.

It is true that the American People are Generous People; but the American Government is misusing the generosity of American People. I think the people of America need to rise up against this blatant misuse of their resources and generosity. With a politicised generosity of American People, the US government claims it is committed to the peaceful resolution of South Sudanese crisis, but what sort of commitment – a commitment that opposes honest attempts to conflict resolution by a sitting government of the people of South Sudan?

The US talks of a comprehensive revision of the support rendered to the vulnerable people of South Sudan. I have no problem with revising whatever is to be revised concerning the US and allies support to the ARCSS, we hope this revision will bear fruits – in the interest of peace.

The US Press Secretary on the Civil War in South Sudan talks of the lack of inclusivity in the Government of National Unity; talks of a forced exile of leaders. Which leader was forced out of Juba? I think it is the US’s usual refusal to trust the truth. In 2016, the July crisis deserved an honest condemnation, and the guilty fled the country – and it is the same with the 2013 December crisis. It is unfortunate that the US and allies do not see that this Government, the Government of National Unity is inclusive, considering the fact that a Nuer is a First Vice President; an Equatorian is a Vice President and a Dinka is a President – what sort of regional, political or ethnic inclusivity is needed?

My opinions may not matter here; I may be called names, but I am writing as a journalist who is in touch with the people; and I express the general feelings towards the US government, as is on the streets across the country – with regards to how the US and allies react towards Government efforts, without considering the other side of the coin. The opposition may be misleading the US and allies, and so it could be a blunder, on the side of the US and allies, to wholly trust them.

In my meetings, some years back, with some US-British diplomats – here in Juba – in my capacity as Editor-in-Chief of a daily newspaper, I have been asked; “who should we trust?” This question being asked by the British and the US diplomats suggests that they seek information from me, or any other person they meet. The “who…” connotation refers to either the opposition or the government.

Reflecting on the hostile behaviour of these two powerful Governments towards South Sudan Government, I have realised that perhaps, the question of who to trust, asked by these diplomats was, after all, double-edged question. For example, if a South Sudanese says, please trust the Government, these diplomats will consider you a Pro-Government; and if you say trust the opposition, they may conclude – this is a Pro-Opposition.

Either way, I have stated over and over again, trust the truth. In my view I am convinced that the opposition who are living either in the US, or in the UK are not telling their Governments Gospel Truth; because they have an interest – that is to change the current leadership.

The current leadership is also acutely aware that the opposition is working day and night to convince powerful foreign Governments to discredit the current Government and the Incumbent President, who was voted into power with an overwhelming percentage. When the people of South Sudan voted for President Kiir, it was not because he is a bad leader, but because he was trusted by his people as a humble, honest leader. The US and her allies will do well if they see this truth; and if they want a prosperous South Sudan. Unless it is what the US wants, there can never be a peaceful South Sudan – if President Salva Kiir is violently forced out of power. It is setting a bad precedent; and any responsible government should be able to see that.

My advice to the Government of South Sudan is: From the way things stand, I think it is he or she who makes the most noise that has become trustworthy; government should do more in foreign relations. Few credible embassies will be far better than a huge foreign mission and ambassadors who are doing nothing.

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