What can the citizens expect from the new Central Bank Governor?

Posted: May 11, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Economy, Junub Sudan, Pal Chol Nyan

By Pal Chol Nyan, Juba, South Sudan

Friday, May 10, 2018 (PW) — The Central Bank Governor was relieved and his replacement announced. The expectations are high. The country economy is in ruins and became untenable. The American dollar has become the legal tender in the sense that the rate of the commodities we buy in the market daily are determined by the rise or fall in the dollar exchange rate.

All that we do and the businesses are governed by dollars including the food we eat even at home. You find couples quarreling over expenditures. It is, in essence, not women’s fault. The prices are regulated by the traders at their whim dictate. The Chamber of commerce is non functional.

The Municipality is fond of saying things they don’t see implemented. What they do does not worth its while. The big man needs to pay attention. The businessmen and women union is also not having teeth; what they say does not carry the day. The traders and their collaborators are exploiting the destitute and the impoverished.

There are no checks and balances with regards to the market prices. The institutions are weakened. What do we expect from the new Governor of the Central Bank? The hungry people expect him to control the illegal sale of dollar, regulate a fixed exchange rate as is the case in the region.

It is now worst than the time of Koryom. Our money should be strengthened with the resources we have. We have golds and diamonds, in abundance,in Eastern Equatoria but the produce goes to the huge pockets of those who are against the government of President Salva Kiir.

Some heartless politicians are fighting over the dollars being remitted by the Oil Companies to the government chest in a bid to topple the government.The new Governor has a daunting  task in rescuing the lives of people.

Hon. Governor ,please, help the President. He appointed you because he trusts you but not because you know more than your predecessors. Nobody underrates your knowledge and skills but we need to see that things are practically done.

The citizens are made to lose confidence in the government by the very people who are in the government. Please, try to restore that trust. Rein in on the dollars vultures  hovering over in Juba  town and the Central Bank.

When Kornilio Koryom was sacked, many feasted. They thought there were going to be miracles. His replacement has gone without a credit or he might have been failed, Only God knows!

You are here now entrusted with that responsibility with your colleagues. It is an onus on you. Please, revive our economy to the best of your ability.

Label as an inciter, Accuse me of sycophancy, call me names but you will not agree with me in the end that President has a good heart. His kindness can be seen now that his closest aides are those who should not dare today they did not help to ignite the ongoing war.

They are the ones now eating; his former foes. Others subsist on begging. Is that not embarrassing?There is no where this should come from except from a kind hearted person who is none other than President Salva Kiir.

As I end my article by congratulating you and your new team on the trust the President bestowed on you, kindly provide the way forward out of this worst economic situation.

The author  is a concerned citizen. My email is palcholnyan2016@gmail.com 

  1. David says:

    what we the citizens need from the new central bank governor is to devalue dollar against our currency, that will attract small businesses from East African countries and else where to come back to the country and that will benefit ordinary citizens because the cost will go down due to competition.


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