Revolutionaries or Opportunists: Reflection on the South Sudanese Politicians

Posted: May 28, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

By Deng Vanang, Nairobi, Kenya

Monday, May 28, 2018 (PW) — Totally so indifferent to the cruel fate of our dying, maimed and displaced people by their millions, main man in the heart of wildly raging four-year-old furnace rules out any conflict-proof-mechanism or pact minus him at the top.

Casting a glance at the opposite extreme, bonded serfs dismiss out of hand any agreement without feudal lords seen as part of what ails.

As the rest tenaciously salivate at poisoned chalice, cum plumb jobs, unrepentant felon dangles before their lustful eyes to either lure them back to {or maintain them in} the same death spot.

You may not be any of those cited unscrupulous characters directly, but if your naivety and ignorance aid the very callous political calculus of such an irritating circus, you are as good as part of the perennial problem than its much sought after solution.All the inadequacies as aforementioned form the deepening schism that sets us apart from each other.

Evidently on account of being blindly held captive to our separable self-greed and not common good that binds together.

The former billows a sense of personal glory reflective of South Sudan having more opportunists than revolutionaries or liberators.

A case proven by the way state staggered off the cliff into an abysmal failure before its birth, leading to present an intractable pogrom and recurrent statelessness the unashamed perpetrators couldn’t agree to turn around under the watchful eyes of scornful world.

Only to be muscled into unworkable solution by some other self-interested war vultures who shed more crocodile tears for the lives of daily perishing South Sudanese citizens than some of their leaders could muster the same pretense.

Yet there are those still pledging to have faith in one-sided process that is bereft of any tangible requisite, except prolonging their own suffering.

Given the fact that the so called IGAD’s new bridging peace proposal serves to strengthen the failed 2005 – 2013 status quo.

Which is to reconcile the warring leaders over positions of personal glory, leaving the public grievances that caused conflict and require balanced political representation to amicably resolve them unattended to.

And in nutshell, if proposed IGAD’s power sharing proposal is effected as it is unveiled, is nothing short of a détente to unravel sooner than later.

Obviously, the known accomplices in the conflict behind this proposal are not to blame wholesomely since South Sudan in perpetual crisis is their cash cow with impoverished fellow citizens in tow and short of any modicum of survival back home.

It is this uncompromising stand instead to wholeheartedly blame by a number of South Sudanese hirelings who unpatriotically offered to get hold of such restive cow and be milked from behind the fence.

An act so cruel which revives the old, but unforgotten debate about what makes selfless revolutionaries different from self-seeking opportunists as thought through the following six-point ideological variables:

➢ Revolutionaries match their words with actions, not opportunists who use rhetoric to galvanize support with no action.

➢ Revolutionaries think of others’ welfare, not opportunists who only think of their gains when regime is toppled.

➢ Revolutionaries are for change of policy in the establishment, not opportunists who believe in change of one guard with another.

➢ Revolutionaries foresightedly treasure the legacy they will leave behind, not opportunists who shortsightedly live for now or never.

➢ Revolutionaries nurture diverse individual talents that will in future carry on with the revolutionary call to duty long after they exit scene, not opportunists who inwardly think of closer kith and kin to continuously preside over power grab and looted possessions when nature takes its tolls on them.

➢ Revolutionaries rise up to solve problem at hand, not opportunists whose cause is envy to take over and nurture the status quo.

Deng Vanang is the Secretary for Information, Public Relations and Spokesperson for Federal Democratic Party/South Sudan Armed Forces, FDP/SSAF. He is cordially reachable at:

  1. R. Adud says:

    Well said, but unfortunately you guys are part of the problem


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