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By Luka Biong Deng, Washington DC, USA

Tuesday, May 29, 2018 (PW) — The rapid degeneration of the situation in South Sudan on a trajectory towards the Hobbesian state made many circles to call for President Salva to step down for various reasons, but the final decision rests with him. It is apparent now that the various armed groups are militarily too weak to oust Salva. The possibility of popular uprising as a peaceful means for forcing leaders to step down is even unthinkable in a country of unknown gunmen.

His impeachment by parliament is inconceivable as he satisfies all conditions for eligibility for the office of the President until that time when elections are held. The option for AU to intervene and overthrow him militarily in the light of war crimes, genocide, crimes against humanity and deteriorating humanitarian situation such as famine and massive forced displacement is unlikely given the politics of the member states of the AU and the UN.

The revitalization of the 2018 Peace Agreement will certainly not ask him to step down as shown in the last proposal by IGAD. While the regional and international pressures are, therefore, not so effective by themselves, they may create a conducive environment for encouraging Salva to step down of his own accord. The exit packages that have been proposed are conditional on his voluntarily consent.