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By Roger Alfred Yoron Modi, Kampala, Uganda

Tribute to Isaiah Abraham

Tribute to Isaiah Abraham: The Dark Ages of South Sudan Liberation

Tuesday, September 4, 2018 (PW) — The last week initialed Revitalised-Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan R-ARCSShas enshrined several legal and institutional reforms to be undertaken but failed short of providing for the improvement of the media sector in the young nation.

Two media laws: The Media Authority Act, 2013; and The Right of Access to Information Act, 2013 badly need reforms to ensure that the ought to be autonomous media regulatory body aka Media Authority, and the information commission operate independent of the executive arm of the government and ensure adherence to democratic principles, human rights law and international best practices.

Media Authority is established, according to the Act, for the regulation, development and promotion of an independent and professional media in South Sudan. (more…)


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I’m robbed of my life’s values and pins,

In the ocean full of sharks and dolphins;

Where I’m bartered like a horse on strings,

Where my labor is equated to bribes,

Where I’m bruised on with leather flogs,

Where I’m locked up in the cage of sorrows,

Where men kicked me up like a ball – with sores,

Making me darted on the ground,

Producing sounds of bitter cries,

Like a sodium metal placed on water surface. (more…)

Press Release: Jonglei State Community USA (JSC-USA) Inaugural Meeting in Louisville Kentucky on the 23-25 November, 2018.

Tuesday, September 04, 2018 (PW) — The JSC-USA will have their first inaugural meeting in Louisville Kentucky on the 23-25 November, 2018. This is obviously the thanksgiving weekend when we in the United States of America reflect on family and to give thanks for the abundance and blessings.

We invite all subtribes of Jonglei State Community to come out and support this community based organization because it’s the only one that can unite our sisterly Jieng subtribes of Hol, Nyarweng, Bor and Twic. It’s high time for Jonglei State Diaspora communities to come together in mutual respect and understanding to solve matters that stand in the way of a more perfect union.

We are mindful of the confusion and frankly sometimes tough and honest discussion the formation of this community based organization has generated. It’s about time the four Jonglei’s communities honestly talk about serious matters tending to divide us and disregard loud voices of disunity. This gathering is where many questions that have been asked since our initial press release will be answered. (more…)