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Could we not managed to have kind of leaders among greater Bor community like Abel Alier and Dr. John Garang who could inspire people in both side of the divide and build unity that can propel the community toward prosperity?

By Michael Mading Akueth, Nairobi, Kenya

Abel Alier and Atem Yaak Atem

Hon. Abel Alier and Atem Yaak Atem in Nairobi, Kenya, 2005, at the signing of the CPA

Thursday, September 06, 2018 (PW) — The greater Bor community whom their sons and daughters had turned up in big numbers during the beginning of the war of liberation 1983 is currently fighting to maintain its cohesiveness. The military scientists always advised every society and its leadership about imminent consequences of arm conflict. We have observed that conflict have forced us to seek refuge in most parts of the globe which has made it hard to continue with our ancestors’ unity. The people are in constant conflict using abusive messages on social media with each other which have forced me to think about our future.

When a community is in constant conflict with itself it remind us about the theory of evolution by natural selection through which nature is seen to be at war with itself and the weak nature is obvious the next meal of the stronger one. The theory of evolution by natural selection is a theory about the mechanism by which evolution occurred in the past, and is still occurring now. Could this be the case in greater Bor community?

Are the community members who belief to be strong striving to eliminate the weak among them by using this theory? Or what else could be the basis of these massive hatred campaigns which we are witnessing all over the world among greater Bor community? Greater Bor community had achieved many things in the history of our country with great dedication to the cause of freedom and pursuit of happiness for all. (more…)

By Awet Benjamin Maker, Beijing, China 

Nuer white army

South Sudan Rebels: Nuer White Army Fighters

Thursday, September 06, 2018 (PW) — The claim that recurrent raiding & killings attributed to Dinka and Nuer herdsmen in parts of the country are perpetrated by lack of government concrete measures on illegal firearms possession by civilian is not entirely new. Some government functionaries including a former Inspector-General of Police IGP, Hon. ALEU AYIENY had fingered to Rumbek herdsmen taking advantage of country’s insecurity created by December 2013 war within to infiltrate the country for the rising spate of cattle raiding and killings among themselves. He made angry remarks when police forces who were taken there felt in heavy clashes with cattle keepers of which several were killed, dozens wounded and scattered many in the bush.

Those who canvass this viewpoint are quick to point to the traditional stick-wielding, harmless and itinerant Nuer and Dinka especially, AGAR of current Western Lakes, GOK of current GOK state, Yirol of current Eastern Lake, REK of current TONJ state and greater BOR among other herdsmen of the past as being against the cultural heritage and productive way of cattle-keeping /herders as evidence of the penetration of the ranks of the slogan “game of fittest” is at the fore play. I’m speaking of the empty houses as their male child or husbands might have been killed, hundred herds of cattle taken, their shelters burned to ashes, children displaced from school etc. (more…)