Pagan Amum and Thomas Chirillo Reject the Signed Revitalized ARCSS

Posted: September 14, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

  1. David says:

    Can someone tell those people who are rejecting peace that you cannot solve a huge problem in one setting. Step by step is the way forward. I hope the world will give them a deaf ears to their demand. Some stupid individuals think they are wiser than millions people. Enough is enough damn. I know people like Pagan are trying by all means to delay peace so that he can fake his PhD and then he’ll join others after he has a new title. Shame on you, PhD doesn’t rule the country, accept the damn peace stupid.


  2. Concerned Junubi says:

    Mr. David,
    I think the issue with both Pagan and Thomas is more about top positions. All along Pagan has positioned himself as Mr. clean who believes if given an opportunity, he will turn things around for the better in South Sudan. However, Mr. Pagan seems to have forgotten that he was part and parcel of the system that created the crisis we have in the country today. War broke out because those whom we thought were our leaders were busy looting the resources of the country on a scale never seen before any where in the world and Mr. Pagan was not left out in the game. In fact, he was one of the 45 main looters. As looting intensify, those individuals who could galvanized their so-called tribe men waste no time in seizing this opportunity in order to pressure the government with the sole aim of being rewarded with senior positions that will allow them to join the looting club. This how people such as SPLM-IO, G10, Yau Yau, Olony, Lam Akol ,Thomas, Malong, and others came about. Mr. Pagan and Thomas rejected the recent peace agreement because it left them out of the Vice President position which they were eyeing for. They talked about issues of governance and number of states, but their real concern is that they are excluded from the club and that is where the problem is. None of them care about the people they claimed to represent or the people of South Sudan for that matter. They only care about their bank accounts.


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