A Peace Agreement Signed in Khartoum Left Me With Doubts: Is it Real?

Posted: September 21, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

By Deng Kur Deng, Pennsylvania, USA

Friday, September 21, 2018 (PW) — First, in recognition of the Khartoum Speedy Peace Agreement (KSPA) success, I would like to acknowledge H.E., the President Salva Kiir Mayardit for his courage in signing the peace agreement in Khartoum, Sudan—a place known for dishonesty. At the very start of the peace process in Khartoum, I was in disbelief and dismayed that we, the South Sudanese, who fought vigorously against Khartoum had to seek their help to gain stability for our country.

Isn’t that something? Definitely. This led me to ask the question, is this peace real?  Many of us are curious whether the peace signed by President Salva Kiir Mayardit and Dr. Riek Machar is genuine. The harrowing peace under The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) seemed to be designed for the continued long-suffering of the South Sudanese and has made this peace agreement signed in Khartoum extraneous.

The Authenticity of the peace is in its details, which gave South Sudanese leaders the confidence to sign, but concerned citizens have little faith in accepting and acknowledging peace coming from Khartoum as it may have an unworthy elements with facts yet to be unearthed or revealed fully. The peace comes with consequences the people don’t seem to understand, which has prompted many to ask questions about the integrity of the Sudanese government and their Khartoum Speedy Peace Agreement.

Yes, this peace is more significant than the suffering people have endured for some time now, but sadly, many South Sudanese are not empowered in this agreement which is guided by something well-known to the Sudanese in Khartoum. Unfortunately, I am in dire need of peace like many South Sudanese; therefore, it seems we don’t have choice other than recognizing and accepting what values and validates our lives as people.

However, what happened in Khartoum is seen as an ambush directed at us—especially those who have suffered severely under the Sudanese government. I wonder bitterly whether this peace is real. It is obvious many believe the peace achieved in Khartoum undermines their already masticated pride and suffering. And largely, the peace is not guaranteed in the end; therefore, it is another form of humiliation to the sovereignty of the people of South Sudan.

This provides a clear notion of how shoddy the Khartoum Speedy Peace Agreement (KSPA) is to the people. It feels like an attack on defenseless population and is vicious on all levels, even historically.

It simply cannot be genuine since it comes from Khartoum—our number one enemy! There is nothing signed in Khartoum that works. You and I know peace doesn’t come from Khartoum. Real peace is non-existent there.

Now, given this very peace seems to embody unimaginative hidden plans; some of us—the victims of Sudanese Civil War must speak the words aloud saying what we really believe this round of decisions, made without consciousness, is entirely in favor of Khartoum?

I am fully aware compromise is essential, but this speedy peace and its elements agreed upon, including Five Vice Presidents, has me worried beyond words.

Does this peace and the tactics we haven’t yet heard differ from all the previous agreements? This doubt comes from the collective consciousness as many South Sudanese wouldn’t wanted Sudan to contribute to more suffering for our people. We must put humanity first, which is why I remain highly alert about this speedy peace meant to gain the oil and make us inferior once again.

I don’t want to be inferior, Kiir Mayardit. Unfortunately, we must not forget our frequencies with the Sudanese people in the North. I personally suspect their usual attitudes, more specifically, their calculated campaign, which seemed all about oil and not the wellbeing of the people.

This is made more distrustful because of painful experience the people have endured over the course of this war. Our inability to understand this very peace remains unpleasant for two reasons:

First, it was signed in Khartoum. We have known Khartoum for their negative techniques which is intended to dismantle what makes the South Sudanese stand together. South Sudanese intuition and perception tell us it is the same as we have known all along—a toxic interference, which continues to be unfinished business in North Sudan.

Second, it is unbelievable given the easiness in Khartoum compared to Addis Ababa under the IGAD countries. This may seem like an obstruction of well deserving peace and, indeed, an overdue peace. But, you are visually and mentally aware of why this seems very unusual to those of us who fought 21 years of civil war.

This is more than political—we are serious rivals on a dangerous level, so where do we draw the line? Khartoum has shown vigor and been savagely hostile in often unseen tactics and so I remain doubtful of the entirety of Khartoum Speedy Peace Agreement.

This article was written by Deng Kur Deng AKA Raanmangar. You can reach him at: pananyangajak@gmail.com

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