SPLM-IO: Terms and Conditions for our Official Return to Juba, South Sudan

Posted: September 27, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan



Thursday, September 27, 2018 (PW) — The leadership of the SPLM/SPLA(IO) would like to inform our members and the public at large, that the recent decree issued by President Salva Kiir announcing the formation of the Committee for the Implementation of the Pre-Transitional Period, is legitimate and that President Salva Kiir issued this decree in consultation with the leadership of the opposition groups and in accordance with the provisions of the agreement, with the exception of gender balance. The movement assures members that it is fully committed to the negotiated settlement and its full implementation, in letter and spirit and we shall continue to use the negotiated settlement to achieve our main objective, fundamental change in our country. There shall be no shortcuts.

Our members should be confident that despite the formation of the committee for implementation of the pre-interim period, your Movement has not surrendered to the regime and there shall be no return to Juba until the regime has shown some signs of seriousness regarding peace. The Movement has nominated our members because we don’t believe simply nominating, or not nominating members to a committee should derail the peace process. That your Movement has nominated members to the committee, does not mean they will go to Juba tomorrow. No! The members nominated by the Movement shall only go to Juba once there is a conducive environment for the implementation of the pre-interim period and we are satisfied with the arrangements. The SPLM/SPLA(IO) considers the pre-interim period of eight months, as the litmus test for the success of the entire peace process and the onus is on the regime.

The regime should start creating this environment, by reciprocating the SPLM/SPLA(IO) release of PoW’s of December, 2017 which was in coordination with the ICRC and in accordance with the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement (CoHA), signed at that time. The regime should also honor these agreements and show their commitment to peace with the immediate release of all prisoners of war, political prisoners and detainees, starting with Hon. Aggrey Idri, Hon. Dong Samuel, Hon. James Gadet, Hon. Marko Lokidor. The Security Arrangements of the agreement also include provisions for demilitarization of major town centers, deployment of a Regional Protection Force, mandated by the UNSC and the training of a national army. This is why the regime’s invitation to the leaders of the opposition to Juba, to celebrate peace’, without implementing the security arrangements, is a nonstarter. It is our contention that we should celebrate peace with our people when they are repatriated and out of the zeriba like conditions this war has made them live under, in Internally Displaced and Refugee Camps.

The members of the Movement and the greater public should understand that the objective of the SPLM/SPLA(IO) has been and is to capture power, and the reason the SPLM/SPLA(IO) has cautiously accepted an agreement, which has less guarantees than the collapsed ARCSS, is that we are confident that we can win the elections at the end of the transition. The propaganda by some of the Traditional South Sudanese Elites, that the agreement represents a betrayal is ludicrous and we call on the people of South Sudan to ignore these voices and rally behind the agreement as a less costly way to bring about fundamental change in our country. The people of South Sudan are well aware about who the traitors of the people’s struggle to deliver the promises of the liberation struggle are, there is no need to narrate the events of December 2013 here, it is history as it were.

The SPLM/SPLA(IO) has signed the peace agreement, primarily because we want to end the suffering of our people and also because we have determined through our popular structures, that peace is a popular demand of our masses. After all, it is our civil population in the cattle camps and villages who have borne the brunt of this civil war. Those who are lobbying against this agreement are amputated from the current realities of our people, they are the same people who abandoned the December 6th Revolution, in the name of, ‘non-violent means of struggle’ and when an opportunity to use the negotiated settlement as a mechanism to bring about change through, ‘non-violent means of struggle’, they start lobbying against peace. If these leaders are not for war, in the name of ‘non-violent means of struggle’ and at the same time, don’t want peace, then what do they really want?

The movement calls on our members to educate themselves about the provisions of the agreement because its success largely depends on it. It is by owning the agreement that the people of South Sudan will be able to hold to account the peace spoilers. The leadership of the SPLM/SPLA(IO) calls on our members and the South Sudanese public at large, to be vigilant against the deception of Traditional South Sudanese Elites on both sides of the political divide, who see the power relationships established in our country since the days of Roman domination, reorganized. Some of these Elites have more in common with the regime, than they are actually opposition and they have shown this by refusing to unite with the SPLM/SPLA(IO), while meeting severally with Salva Kiir, under the patronage of President Museveni, who has been the main ally of the regime in this civil war.

The leadership of the movement would like to reiterate to our members and the public at large, that despite the formation of the committee for the implementation of the pre-interim period, we have not abandoned the struggle to bring about fundamental change in our country. We take this opportunity to remind our members, the movement intends to use the negotiated settlement as a tool and mechanism to bring about the change our people have struggled for, for generations. We call on our people to be vigilant against peace spoilers on both sides of the political divide and not allow this agreement to be scuttled through fear mongering. If the provisions of the agreement are violated, then the struggle shall continue by whichever means the regime chooses to trample our rights. Our people should not fear should the regime renege, as the war is a people’s war and the SPLM/SPLA (IO) is a people’s Movement and we shall wage the struggle to deliver the promises of the liberation struggle, to its logical conclusion, we can guarantee this. The National Liberation Council (NLC) of the SPLM/SPLA (IO) has unanimously ratified the agreement, and we continue to encourage our members to make their views and aspirations known to the leadership through our popular structures and the Movement also continues to reserves our natural right of self-defece, in light of the regime’s continuation of their counter insurgency tactics.

A luta Continua!






Joint Defense Board (JDB)- 3 Chief of General Staff Inspector General of Police Director General of NSS

Military Command – 25

1st. Lt Gen. Gatwech Dual

2nd. Lt. Gen. (Deputy Chief of General Staff)

Maj. Gen. Dhiling Keah Chuol

Maj. Gen. Martin Gama Abucha

Maj. Gen. Buda John Aban Yor

Brig. Gen. Dak Bol Rik

Brig. Gen. Moses Lokujo Gabriel

Brig. Gen. Andrea Mangu Adal

Col. John Khan Kok

Col. Charles Wamuti Samuel

Col. Emmanuel Primo Ukelo (Legal)

Lt. Col. William Deng Bichok (Legal)

Lt. Col. John Gile Mach (Finance)

Lt. Col.Wudu Moses Yongule (Finance)

Lt. Col. Abuzeid Rahma Abdallah (Finance)

Maj. Dominic Lowe (Finance- Unconfirmed)

Col. Thalage Wal Goch Deng (Secretariat)

Lt. Col. Peter Juoch Chak (Secretariat)

Lt. Col. Bol Gok Dieu (Secretariat)

Lt. Col. Isaac Anthony Maginola (Secretariat)

Maj. Emmanuel Joseph Tito (Secretariat)

1st. Lt. Gatkuoth Mabiel Char (Secretariat)

Maj. Madi Paton Robert CE (Secretariat)

Organized Forces Command- 24

2nd. Lt. Gen. John Joak Gai Bipal, IGP

2nd. Lt. Gen. Thomas Jal Kuma Khan, D/IGP

Maj. Gen. James Doap Gatleak

Maj. Gen. Benjamin John Baptist

Maj. Gen. Wilson Sebit Apollo

Maj. Gen. Puol Thach Chak

Maj. Gen. John Dak Onak Ajarial

Maj. Gen. Chuol Lam Puoch

Maj. Gen. Roman Peter Rahma

Maj. Gen. Emmanuel Simon Aban Achobek

Brig. Gen. Peter Alberto Mabanio Edward (Legal Officer)

1st. Lt. Nyankuan Kun Bichok (Legal Officer)

Brig. Gen. Tor Mach Kuet (Finance Officer)

Col. James Jal Chuol (Finance Officer)

Lt. Col. Samuel Nicola Cornello Gilingere (Finance Officer)

Maj. Michael Ukulo Agweri (Finance Officer)

Col. Julius Ali Erineo (Secretariat)

Col. Jidu Hassen Ismael (Secretariat)

Lt. Col. Robert Gatjuol Kong Wei (Secretariat)

Lt. Col. Butrus Wanh Deng Nyilek (Secretariat)

Lt. Col. Thomas Kan Gadien (Secretariat)

Maj. Padiat Puoch Nyar (Secretariat)

Maj. Gabriel Wei Gang Thiep (Secretariat)

1st.Lt. Kuok Nyah Kuok (Secretariat)

National Security Service (NSS) Command- 23

Maj. Gen. Yeiy Dak Wie

Maj. Gen. Wang Chany Thian

Maj. Gen. Robert Ohisa

Maj. Gen. Sabino Otor Kayal

Brig. Gen. Wany Juat Jock

Brig. Gen. Lam Biliu Duop

Brig. Gen. Sherif Mamendo Sherif

Brig. Gen. Peter Pal Yiech Adar

Brig. Gen. Gift Toping Scopas

Col. Paul Opio Both Withyian (Legal) Officer)

Lt. Col. Morris Guya Wani (Legal Officer)

Col. Julio Baromio Osman (Finance Officer)

Lt. Col. Ding Ruach Gatluak (Finance Officer)

Lt. Col. John Wiyual Lul (Finance Officer)

Lt. Col. Guod Sabino Obany (Finance)

Lt. Col. Lam Chak Kuer (Secretariat)

Lt. Col. Mathew Peter Ayok (Secretariat)

Lt. Col. Mayia Yahanis Magok (Secretariat)

Maj. Paul Dobo Moses (Secretariat)

Capt. Angelo Daniel Heli (Secretariat)

Capt. Charles Wani Lado (Secretariat)

1st.Lt. Chuol Deng Butbut (Secretariat)

1st. Lt. Jal Kok Chaducy (Secretariat)

Joint Military Ceasfire Commission (JMCC)- 19

2nd. Lt. Gen. (Deputy Chief of General Staff)

Maj. Gen. Gatkhor Gatluak Koryom

Maj. Gen. John Barayona Furulla

Brig. Gen. Kocu David Silvestro

Brig. Peter Meat Ker

Col. Gabriel Turial (Legal Officer)

Lt. Col. Peter Gatluak Thoan (Legal Officer)

Col. Par Dang Yuot (Finance)

Lt. Col. Godi Ruach Chachi (Finance)

Lt. Col. Rachpiny Obeny Anyai (Finance)

Maj. Kiden Angelina Gatjiath (Finance- Unconfirmed)

Col. Otto Joseph (Secretariat)

Col. Moses Duop Koang (Secretariat)

Lt. Col. James Woth Ochur (Secretariat)

Lt. Col. William Aguer Wol (Secretariat)

Maj. Edward Rezig Joseph (Secretariat)

Capt. Onen William Ogaw Alouny (Secretariat)

Capt. Venansio Daniel Mojwok (Secretariat CE)

Joint Transitional Security Committee (JTSC)-19

2nd. Lt. Gen. (Deputy Chief of General Staff)

Lt. Gen. James Chuol Puot (Police)

Maj. Gen. Wang Chany Thian (NSS)

Brig. Gen. William Gatjiath Deng (Army)

Brig. Gen. Gambor Lawrence Joseph (Army)

Col. Lomina Martin Wani (Finance Officer)

Lt. Col. Magal Mach (Legal Officer)

Lt. Col. Koang Lok Jany (Secretariat)

Lt. Col. John Paulino Bafuka (Secretariat)

Lt. Col. Kolong Peter Ukongo (Secretariat)

Maj. Loang Kucruach Thiep (Secretariat)

Capt. Maker Koang Chak (Finance Officer)

1st. Lt. Majuan Dobuol Tongtony (Finance Officer)

1st. Lt. Dak Chuol Top (Secretariat)

2nd. Lt. Chot Deng Both (Secretariat CE (Legal Officer- Jubek

CE (Finance Officer)- Jubek

CE (Secretariat)

WBG (Secretariat)

Strategic Defense and Security Review (SDSR) – 10 one (1) Political Leadership

Maj. Gen. Nyagwal Deng Ajak

Brig. Gen. Samuel Mut Gai

Col. Pur Gok Dak (Legal Officer)

Col. Opoka Sebit (Finance Officer)

Col. Aborcup J. Akuer Maze (Finance Officer)

Maj. Chiejien Kim Wityian (Secretariat)

1st. Lt. Pur Chuol Gundong (Secretariat)

Lt. Col. Kueth Pan Makuech (Secretariat) Equatoria- Secretariat


Maj. Gen. – Equatoria – Police

Brig. Gen. William Deng Buom (Army)

Brig. James Kuer Puot (Army)

Brig. Gen. Both Thor Lul (Army)

Brig. Gen. Mawich Wan

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