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By Kuir Mayen Kuir, Nairobi, Kenya

Peace for South Sudan


Tuesday, October 30, 2018 (PW) — Who ever imagine that there would be peace in South Africa today? I doubt if there is any one! The Africans in South Africa were among the very first Africans who were highly disadvantaged in the process of questing for freedom, justice and prosperity. In the year 1948, an apartheid policy emanated from the whites where they adamantly disregarded Africans and took them for an inferior race that cannot make a worthwhile decision singly without white intervention.

This thought was met by a stiff resistance from Africans that was graced by African unity and cohesion. However due to the sophisticatedness of the white weapons and a renowned knowledge of tactical measures to deal with Africans, they overpowered them .Some vibrant young African men and women fell victims of torture, mishandlements, maimed, imprisonment and a painful tearful death.