The Adverse Impacts of Social Divisions and Political Rookism in South Sudan

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By Michael Chol Tor, Juba, South Sudan


Thursday, January 24, 2019 (PW) —- Northern Upper brothers and sisters spent decades fighting for freedom and Independence of State 1990s. In Northern Upper we joint hands to attain goal of independency. Fortunately, the State established with full sovereignty. This credential be to President and his cabinets. In sociology, social divisions are categories as class, race, gender and geographic location that indicate differences in lifestyle and experience.

Social divisions stem from the concept that society is divided between the powerful and powerless. There are potentially hundreds of social divisions, but the largest is class. Access to education, employment and healthcare is different for lower-class members of society. Income inequality affects a myriad of statistics from violent crime rate to stress-related illness.

There are many subcategories under umbrella of the class division. Sociologists study the impact of further social divisions due to race, gender, marital status, health, rural location to decipher the impact of these categories on daily life. Some divisions have a stronger impact on an individual place in society than others and the way society views and processes these divisions can change and evolve over time.

Social divisions also affect political representation and participation. The government has the power of disenfranchise certain groups in society through changing politics. Divisions between the rich and poor, old and young and majority and minority racial groups can manifest in the public opinion of many political issues. Social divisions affect politics in both negative and positive ways. Negative impact we observe social division and politics together at first sight. It would appear that the combination of politics and social divisions is very dangerous and explosive.

Incase political parties start competing in terms of same prevalent social differences it can further lead to social conflict and disintegration of society. For example, Yugoslavia and Northern Ireland. In Northern Ireland there has been a violent and bitter ethno political conflict for many years. In the same way political competition along religious and ethnic lines to the disintegration of Yugoslavia into six independent Countries.

Positive impact at the same time every expression of social division in politics does not lead to such disasters wherever social divisions exist they are reflected in politics, in democracy it is only natural that political parties would talk about this division. Make different promises to different communities. People from one community tend to prefer some party more than others, in many countries there are parties that focus only on one community for instance in India.

In South Sudan we live in an increasingly divide society. With each emerging tribalism, hatred and enmity it seems we are embarked ever deeper in a cycle outrage, distrust and recrimination. Indeed, habitually measly possibility that someone is a member of the other side is enough to gather vitriol and slander, regardless of their intentions. This behavior known as moral tribalism is hardly supervising when considered through the lens of social science.

Indeed, research conducted in the last few years has shack new light on just how deeply such tribal tendencies may be ingrained in the human mind. Renk Municipal Mayor and dissection of Melut Sons Association become a big deal and time chatted in all forums of Northern Upper Nile State.

What does Mayor do? Mayor oversee a city main departments, including the Police, education, housing and transportation. At the same time, his or her responsibility vary depending on the local power structure. There are four main options for a city local government structure and some cities use combination of several.  A common power structure is the Council-weak Mayor, Council-strong Mayor, the Council-Manager system and the Commission system.

Even if the Mayor in a city doesn’t have direct authority, his or her ability to use local politics can lead to more power. The impact of social divisions and manifestation of political rookies have affected social coherence and coexistence in Northern Upper Nile State. It was earthquake after Melut Sons Association (MSA) allotted paper against Minister of Petroleum 10th August 2018 and greenhorns emerged to satisfy their Chief of political rebel.

It was wondrous and astonished to mark the political rookie members who gave my name and colleague Mario Monytur to security August 2018. The four renegade that signed security Memo were contaminated by deadly Tribalism.

In conclusion, Northern Upper Nile State had broad Land that conceived natural, animal and fishery wealth thus, there will be no reason at all for Municipal Mayor Power struggling. Municipal Mayor shouldn’t be a big business we must give chance to current Mayor to deliver services to our people.

Lastly, but not the least let’s escape the tribalism business to shun Yugoslavia, Northern Ireland and India scenarios in Northern Upper Nile State.

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