I am in for peace in South Sudan, I really don’t know about you

Posted: January 27, 2019 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers, Sally Nyalony Gatwang

By Sally Nyalony Gatwang, Kampala, Uganda

Peace for South Sudan


Saturday, January 26, 2019 (PW) — I am in for peace, I really don’t know about you. I am ready to undertake anything in exchange for peace in my home. I want to cattle graze again, farm food, collect fire wood, and play hide and seek once more.

I know I may not recover all the lost souls but I know for sure once home is back they will be with me in spirit. At the moment, my soul can’t find refuge because it’s still rumbling for peace.

Take a look at Isaac Newton and Pascal, few of the world’s greatest scientist. And to add on Nyalony, Alith plus Pal, one of the rare world’s unknown scientist. They made a choice of building their home with the little they knew and now here we are studying what they discovered.

The funny fact is that they used their language to write what we are learning in different languages (French, Spanish, Arabic and English); funny thing is that some of my brothers and sisters don’t know their own language. But they want to take ownership of a foreign one.

You and me can also bring this change, by focusing on national and personal progress, leaving aside any factor that will separate us (discrimination, nepotism, corruption etc), and we do what we can manage.

I salute all the doctors worldwide for the great work. And for bringing life where there is none. Light in the darkness, hope to the hopeless, faith where isn’t expected. This great people carry our lives. My brother and sister, what do you want to be remembered for?

To the cultural and traditional leaders you played a big role during the struggle from the 1990s to date. Even when in the bush and cities, you always find a way of uniting us. Making us know that we are one person regardless of our ethnic backgrounds.

You teach the dances plus the stories, riddles. Am so blessed to be in such a society.

To all the spiritual leaders, thank you for the great work. You people spend sleepless nights in order to see a society, to see hope. You are always a voice to the voiceless. I think the word activist could qualify to cover your great intellectual and spiritual work.

When the country was bleeding to the greatest, you people were there to control the bleeding. Trauma healing is the hardest but am surprised that you find it so easy to do. God bless the work of your hands daily.

Take a look at the life of Mother Theresa, it was filled with peace and love which the religious leaders are showing. This great woman happens to be my source of inspiration and name sake.

She lived a simple life and wasn’t so much concern with the world desires. And she brought peace and harmony to her surrounding. Can we accept peace and embrace it like the way we care for our young ones.

The author, Sally Nyalony Gatwang, can be reached via her email: Sally Riak <nyalonygatwangriak@gmail.com>

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