Tuck the Button Part 1: Mob Justice

Posted: February 1, 2019 by Awuol Gabriel Arok in Awuol Gabriel Arok, Junub Sudan

By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan.

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Friday, February 01, 2019 (PW) —Mob justice is when individuals take laws into their own hands.

It is common in places where there are a lot of criminal activities and where people had lost confidence in law enforcing agencies.

People normally assume it as an alternative to weak system of law or one of the solutions to reduce rampant crimes.

The following short play tells about young man called Apuyu, a notorious robber in his locality.

Apuyu was caught by angry villagers stealing Chief’s goat and was almost beaten to death when the chief came to his rescue.


(The Scene opened when one of the villagers alerted the villagers about the thievery)

 VILLAGER 1: Thief! Thief! There is a thief.

(Other two villagers joined Villager 1 in raising an alarm)

 VILLAGER 2: there he is, eater of our fat; he has done it again; and this time he has stolen the chief’s goat.

VILLAGER 1: Come one, come all and let teaches him a lesson that he will never forget if he is lucky to survive.

VILLAGER 3: What is it, is it Apuyu who has again dip his dirty hand into someone plate?

(The three villagers run after Apuyu, minute later a big crowd was chasing him)

CROWD: Roaring pouring death curse on Apuyu, kill him kill him the crowd roared.

VILLAGER 1: Get us more sticks, ropes and matchbox, he should be burned.

(Villager 2 runs for the sticks, Villager 3 went for the ropes and another within the crowd promise to provide a matchbox)

 VILLAGER 2: Here are the sticks, the ropes and the matchbox.

(Apuyu struggle as the crowd overpower him)

 VILLAGER 3: Give me the matchbox and could someone please tie his hands and feet?

(Villager 2 trying to give sticks to Villager 3, the rambling voice of the chief deafen the crowd)

CHIEF: Spare him and kindly can everyone disperse.

VILLAGER 2: Chief! Chief! It is Apuyu who has stolen your goat.

CHIEF: It is alright, the law of this land will deal with him, and this case could not be done the way you are doing it.

CROWD: NO! NO! Death, death upon him.

CHIEF: Don’t attempt, killing him is more of a crime than the goat he has stolen.

CROWD: But chief he is a thief who has been terrorizing our land.

CHIEF: I know, the law of the land will deal with him, Jurum.

(Chief signal his Assistant who came running helplessly)

 JURUM: Yes Chief.

CHIEF: Go to the police station and bring some policemen.

JURUM: Alright Chief.

(Running with speed the Assistant Chief arrived at the Police Station, exhausted and tired)


POLICE 1: What is the problem Assistant Chief?

ASSISTANCE CHIEF: It is Apuyu who have been caught stealing Chief goat by the Villagers and the villagers were about to burn him alive was it not the arrival of the Chief.

POLICE 2: Where did it happen and how hostile is the crowd?

ASSISTANT CHIEF: The crowd is so rowdy, I was sent by the Chief to inform you about what is happening, please follow me.

(Assistant Chief Runs follow by the two policemen).

 POLICE 1: We must run very past, it could be a bloody episode if the crowd fails to adhere to the Chief warning.

ASSISTANT CHIEF: Yes, Yes you are absolutely right.


 CHIEF: Can everyone please give space to the policemen?

(The policemen arrive at the scene)

POLICEMAN 1: Everyone aside

(The crowd opened the way)

 POLICEMAN 2: Where is the goat?

VILLAGER 1: Over there.

POLICEMAN 2: Can someone get the goat and follow us to the station?

POLICEMAN 1: Give me the rope

(He was given the rope and was tying Apuyu’s hands)

POLICEMAN 2: Move! Move! Apuyu, Chief we are taking him to the station.

CHIEF: Alright, I will come later when I close my office.

POLICEMAN 1: Ok Chief.

CHIEF: Yes and everyone must go home apart from the one taking the goat to the police station, you will later be updated on the case.

(Apuyu was finally rescued from the angry villagers by the chief and the Policemen and was taken to the police station)

Awuol Gabriel Arok, a Writer and a Poet, has a Bachelor Degree in Social and Developmental Studies from the University of Juba, South Sudan, he is a Columnist with The Dawn Newspaper under column “The Motivation Bell”.  He is the author of unpublished book titled ‘‘The Wisdom Horn’’ , he contributes to Websites and Social Media platforms  on Issues concerning Social, Economic and Politic s and through his peaceful and developmental campaigns such as ‘‘Your Tribe is My Tribe’’, ‘‘Giving Heart Foundation’’, “Wisdom Testament”, “Classic Leadership Forum”, “Grace the Women Foundation”, “PeaceNet Initiative” and “Award for Development”. He can be reached via his email Address: jjmkamzeearokson@yahoo.com 

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