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The voice of hidden children of Catholic Bishops and Priests in South Sudan: An Appeal to Pope Francis

For Immediate Release


Juba, South Sudan

Saturday, March 16, 2019 (PW) — As we follow the action  taken  by  the Vatican to discuss and hold to account those within the church leadership who were involved in the abuse of those in their care (young boys and girls), those of us in warzone country of South Sudan must also speak up so the Vatican should also investigate the practice in South Sudan by church leaders  and key Vatican representatives in the country. The smoke of war cannot be used to cover abuses.

Many of us children of these church leaders are tired of living in hiding.  Once can imagine living with lies and growing old with lies of non-existing parents as mothers are nuns and fathers are bishops or pastors. The senior leadership of the Catholic Church in South Sudan is more concerned about the image of the church than about lives ruined by the action of individual Bishops and Pastors in the church.  As sad as humanitarian situation in South Sudan may sound today, the alternative is worse, that is, young girls and boys in the Catholic church have endured endless abuses in South Sudan.