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By Santino Aniek, New York, U.S.A.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019 (PW) — Immediately after the 2015 Presidential Order establishing South Sudan’s 28 states before later being bumped up to 32 States, there was a grabbing news headline about a comment made by Dr. Lam Akol. Lam claimed that the former two counties of Parieng and Biemnhom should not have been put together as one state because, he alleged, they have no common border. This was not the first time that this controversial political figure had issued a false statement. There were many before, just as there have been many more controversial statements by him after.


Lam is a known political figure in the Greater Sudan, all for the wrong reasons. He has been successful in creating division not only within his own community but also among South Sudanese. Controversy is what Lam is about. This is who he is and will always be. He was a member of the Sudan’s communist Party, SPLM/A, SPLM-United and SPLM-DC. He is now a member of NDM and SSOA. He has no loyalty to any ideology.