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South Sudan: The Illusion of the “World’s Youngest Nation”!

Posted: March 31, 2019 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

The following poem is written as heartfelt nostalgia of greatness of our ancestral land of Cush and of the Kingdom Kush as mentioned by the prophets of God in the Holy Bible. It is the author’s attempt to stir the hearts and minds of the rulers of South Sudan to rename country by its biblical and historic name of Cush; so the beloved land Cush would be blessed to the overflow. 

By David Gurak, Arizona State University, USA

Sunday, March 31, 2019 (PW) — A nation whose land is rooted in the history of creation, in which the second river in the Garden of Eden runs through its entire land; can’t call itself the World’s youngest nation! (Genesis 2:13)

 A nation whose people are the descendants of Cush son of Ham, grandson of Noah and oldest brother of Egypt; can’t call itself the World’s youngest nation! (Genesis 10:6)

A nation whose daughter is the wife of the great Prophet Moses, who wrote five of the greatest books in the Bible; can’t call itself the World’s youngest nation! (Numbers 12:1)

 A nation that Prophet Isiah knew its people to be tall and smooth-skinned, and aggressive nation of strange speech, whose land is divided by rivers; can’t call itself the World’s youngest nation! (Isaiah 18:1)

A nation whose people are foretold by King David the Prophet,that its people will submit themselves to God; can’t call itself the World’s youngest nation! (Psalm 68:31)


The Legal Profession and the Crisis of Leadership, Politics and Ethics: The Case of South Sudan Bar Association (SSBA)

By Tong Kot Kuocnin, Juba, South Sudan

Dr. William Kon Bioor Duot
The Late Dr. William Kon Bioor, former president of the South Sudanese Bar Association
I. Introduction

Sunday, March 31, 2019 (PW) — In all civilized nations of the world, Bar Association, which is mostly one of the independent institutions of the country enjoys a formidable respect for it integrity and which work alongside criminal justice sectors of the state.

It works side by side with only the criminal justice sectors in making sure that the legal and constitutional rights of the subjects are truly protected and implemented. It work is to ensure that justice is awarded to those who deserve it and not to those who take law into their own hands.

However, the legal profession in South Sudan embodied these noble pillars. it work, as per the provisions of article 136 (2) of the TCSS, 2011, is to observe professional ethics, and promote, protect and advance the human rights and fundamental freedoms of citizens.

Equally, article 136(3) of the said constitution provides further that Advocates shall serve to prevent injustice, defend the legal rights and interests of their clients, seek conciliation between adversaries and may render legal aid for the needy according to the law.


“University of Juba Student Activities -history doesn’t forgive and as well it doesn’t forget”

By Bek Dhuorjang Chol, Juba, South Sudan

Bek Dhuorjang Chol
Bek Dhuorjang Chol

Sunday, 31 March 2019 (PW) — Ten (10) years ago, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement Students League (SPLM SL) in the university had participated in the Juba University Students Union elections and won those elections. In 2009 elections, the SPLM SL in coalition with other students’ organizations won JUSU elections and formed a collegial student’s leadership. During the sitting of the council of forty (40) members, the members elected Majok Ayii Muorwel as speakers of the council and Ahmed Abasher Alkhatim Ashgar who hail from Nuba Mountains as president of JUSU. Abasher appointed Dr. Albino Bol Dhieu as the information secretary and Dr. John Sebit Madit Johnson as academic affairs secretary.

During this period, the SPLM SL and JUSU were vigorously doing great facing a lot of challenges related to the political situation of the country. By then Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin had broken away from the SPLM and founded SPLM DC. The challenges of 2010 elections were ahead while bearing in mind the southern Sudan and Abyei Area referendum, and the popular consultation to the people of the Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains according to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). Abasher had demonstrated a very good leadership at the end of his term by having successfully handed over the JUSU back to its rightful members of the general assembly.