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Peoples’ power vs People in Power: The Most Powerful General who was overthrown by the power of bread

By Kon Leek Chuol-buoujak, Juba, South Sudan

Bona Malwal with Bashir.jpg

Friday, April 12, 2019 (PW) — If you have been thinking just like my self that ballots and bullets are the enough fences which any flood, wind and eddy can not float over or blow away then you are wrong. Bread is.

Who would believe that Omar Bashir will ever quit power quietly like that? The man who has been surrounding himself with tanks, artilleries, Antonov, helicopters, grenades, mines, stones and bombs – it is hard to believe but it is real, Field Marshal, Gen. Dr. Omar Ahmed Hassan El-Bashir is gone for real, never to return in his true image! It is hard now trying to know and cram the name of the incumbent president, Gen. Awet Amet-something…..

The simple armless bread with out claws and teeth has made the most General in the land scrawl out of his chair to prison on Thursday when the “peoples’ power” inspired by the BREAD stormed and pushed out the “people with power” sending shivers across the borders of the Sudan.