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The Burning of Cultural Uniform in Bor, Jonglei State, is Unconstitutional

Posted: April 16, 2019 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

Burning of cultural Uniform in Bor is unconstitutional, it violates Religious, and Indigenous Peoples’ and Cultural Rights

By John Deng D’Duot, Seattle, USA

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 (PW) — In the middle of 1980s 1990s, several Clergies in Jonglei State came up with an idea to burned traditional gods such as Mayom de Kongoor, Aleer de Nyarweng, Malual de Anyual, Mangok de Jueet, plus Lirpiou. Those Clergies claimed that traditional gods were bad they should be let go.

They also claimed that they were liberating their people from jong raac “Bad gods”. However, they did not know that destroying those traditional gods was a bad idea. It’s ideas because the main goal was to promote Christianity.

In addition, they did not actually know that banning of those traditional gods was simply a distraction to their indigenous and traditional cultural practices, history, intellectual property and it was also a violation of human Rights Instrument such as: 


By Pal Chol Nyan, Juba, South Sudan

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 (PW) — I take this opportunity to congratulate my younger brother Puok Tut Rang for having won credibly, transparently and fairly an election of the Lou Nuer Youth Association for Development (LNYAD) as its Chair.

Your mission is to unite, serve diligently and reconcile zealously our community within ourselves, our neighbours and beyond. 

The prime target this time is to ensure Lou Nuer community interest is preserved. I caution you to be on the look-out against those who may want to use you for their selfish political ambitions. Dr John Garang used to call them “political vultures”.