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By Bol Elijah Bul, Rumbek, South Sudan

Bol Elijah Bul

Tuesday, April 23, 2019 (PW) — For every country to have a successful Educational System, they must have a good Information Communication Technology (ICT) background, hence, for South Sudan to achieve successive female participation in education. Therefore, the government should firstemploy some strategies that can boost the use of ICT among the females, because girls considered themselves inferior in the use of ICT, by considering it as a job isolated for males.  South Sudan should initiate girls education strategies that involve the use of ICT, and also plan of launching an innovation lab in the states, which can provide a space for UN agencies, International Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

They can come together to develop creative solutions to enhances women and girls education problems in specific and systematic areas including ICT literacy in TVET schools. It is a fact that South Sudan has been, and is working hard to eliminate barrier on women and girls’ education, which were imposed on them by long cultured practices among South Sudanese Communities which rated girls and women as inferior and unable people in the world of education. Poverty is one of the problems which prevented women and girl from participating equally in education, because the cost of the school learning materials, made some parents opt to leave girls at home or marry them off at their early age to get wealth.