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By Lucy Ayak Malek, Juba, South Sudan

Sunday, August 11, 2019 (PW) — When my name was first publicly announced to the world, it was out of the unfortunate situation I was facing, with my husband incarcerated under unclear circumstances. Out of desperation, I sought a listening ear from all corners of society, as a wife who was scared for her husband’s life and wellbeing. Amidst all kinds of contention, the President finally agreed and set my husband free and allowed him to seek the medical help he needed. It was kind of him.

It’s my understanding that upon his release, he was asked to make a pledge that he would not engage in subversive activities against the government in Juba. However, as you all know, a few weeks after his release, the formation of the South Sudan United Front was announced and led by my husband.

Since I was not privy to the mutual understanding between my husband and the government in Juba, I cannot authoritatively comment on the issue about the reassurances he gave to His Excellency, the President and his change of heart that followed.