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Press release: Why the government shuts down Insight Security Company in South Sudan

Deputy Mayor of Juba, Thiik Thiik Mayardit: 'My war with Ateny Wek is that he made some wrong reports on behalf of the President'

Dear Country men and women, at my Capacity as deputy City Mayor of Juba city Council and as a leadership, we have shut down Insight security Company .

When news of closure was announced, many South Sudanese were suprisingly questioning themselves as to what prompted the unfortunate lock up of the Company which existed for a quite long(13 years).

Here are reasons why I closed Insight as a company.

1. Insight company was opened in 2006 at deal which would have earned government of South Sudan £50,000 USD annually but the company failed for 13 years now without paying not even a coin.

2. Exploitation of our citizens,

Insight company has topped the list of companies which have maximally exploited our citizens as shown by the followings details.

The company is suppose to pay its UN assigned staff £347 USD monthly according to what we saw in their contract, an equivalent of 104,100 SSP today in accordance to black market rate but to our dismay, we found out that these above staff are paid only 32,000 SSP each per a month meanwhile the company is deducting 72,100 SSP from all its UN assigned staffs.