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By Deng Madut Akech, Juba, South Sudan

The true size of Africa

Wednesday, September 5, 2019 (PW) — It’s imperative for Africa intellectuals to collaborate in uniting Africa and deal with the rebel’s group in the continent. Africans always scapegoat themselves for failing to end wars and conflict, but you don’t see the wars instigators/ringleaders within and outside our nations. Sometimes I see us blaming the colonial agencies that’s operating in Africa or colonialism for destabilising Africa, we must prove it right. What can we do right to know that European countries and America are destroying Africa?

To answer the above question, you must deeply understand the roots cause of the conflicts throughout the continent. Africans fought the European to get their nations back, which they did to have freedom and equality among themselves, especially in Congo, when Patrice Lumumba was assassinated on 17 January, in 1961. It was vicious and heinous crime plots made by Belgium and USA against Congolese when they natives needed him for the betterment of Congo and Africa at large.

I think Lumumba was a nationalist himself, but the West saw him as a major threat to them as the Congo was rich with minerals. Congo haven’t test democracy and social progress, because far nations still benefiting in Congolese resources daily. In my view, Patrice’s assassination was well coordinated and well planned by Belgium and allies to weaken Congo economically.


Stop giving youths’ associations money they’re getting spoiled.  (The case of youths’ associations in East Africa)

By Peter Madol, Nairobi, Kenya

Duol Jok speaking in SSSAK conference at August 7th Memorial park Nairobi 2015

Thursday, September 05, 2019 (PW) — Association  by  dictionary  definition  is  a  formal  organization  of  people  or  groups  of  people. Forming youths’ associations play a key role in youth development, it  brings unity  among  youth  whether  in  diaspora  or  at home  through  social  programs  such  as  cultural  events,  youth  meetings,  youth  music  and  drama. Another aspect, it is where youth converge to bring ideas that can shape their lives. Finally,  it  is  a  platform  to  practice  leadership  skills  at infantry  level  to catapult  one  for  greater  success  in  the  future.

Associations should  be  guided  by  the  aforementioned  principles  and  practices  but  in  reality check,  with  these  youth  associations,  they  are  defined  by leadership wrangles, poor accountability, propaganda, etc. As Hon.  Michael  Makuei  puts  it  when  he  was  asked  that  old  folks  should  give  youth  of  South Sudan  a  chance.  His response was, “what do they know?  Unless  they  learn from  us  in  order  to get  a  clue  about  how  to  run  the  government”.