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Setting records straight: Press Statement from the Disbanded National Revenue Authority (NRA) Board



Friday, September 06, 2019 (PW) — We the members of the defunct NRA Board of Directors wish to express our gratitude to the President and the entire government for the opportunity to serve as the founding Board of NRA. We have served our country with honor and dignity and as a team, we have been committed to advance the reform agenda of the President and in doing so, we have for the first time, managed to mobilize our people to voluntarily pay their taxes to the government.

We have also closed so many loopholes and as we speak, public money is not leaking as it used to be. We have also mobilized international support for the reform in the country and for the first time, international organizations have been paying taxes. We have pursued with diligence, the East African Community integration process and we were moving closer meeting our Custom Union and Common Market obligations under the EAC Accession Treaty.

The press statement is released to clarify to the public what actually happened at the NRA, and why Commissioner General and the Board were fired by the Hon. Minister of Finance & Planning. This is warranted because the Ministerial Orders terminating the services of the Board and the Commissioner General did not specify the reasons for the Minister’s decision. However, in recent engagements with the media, the Minister opened up to explain why he took the decision. Being party to the affairs of the NRA, we strongly feel that the President and the public would be well-served by setting the records straight.


“In this polarized and polarizing conflict, perceptions can overshadow reality, and whatever the equation of the power structures, the Dinka are being seen as having replaced the Arabs as the rulers in an ethnically unjust system. As the various ethnic groups converge against what they perceive as Dinka domination, the Dinka in turn begin to perceive themselves as targeted and paradoxically as in imminent danger of a genocidal onslaught. They therefore strive to mobilize themselves in self-defense.” – Dr Francis Mading Deng – SOUTH SUDAN NATIONAL DIALOGUE; Conceptual Reflections page 43