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By Malith Alier, Sydney, Australia

Sunday, 21 July, 2019 (PW) — Nothing generates energy and passion among the above communities than traditional contact wrestling. Wrestling among these communities is the number one sport that may defy the onslaught of western games like football or tennis. It’s even continued to be imitated by people who migrated to the western hemisphere decades ago. It’s supposedly one way of keeping attached to the motherland.

In this review, I will focus on the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of traditional wrestling not only the one of yesterday between Bor and Aliap but also what has been going on in the game since time immemorial.

This undying traditional wrestling is a game with minimal rules and regulations at best. It’s a game whereby no elaborate body sets the minimum standards and this is where it’s pervasive to participate in it with confidence. The concept of time is nonexistent in the sport.


In an Expression of Cultural Identity, Lost Boys of South Sudan in the U.S. to Take Wrestling Challenge to Youths in the Homeland

By PaanLuel Wel,

This is an interesting article from Akol Aguek of New Sudan Vision. Naturally as someone in the USA, I am on the side of the courageous (some might say foolish) Yuoot Mach Thon who is posed to make history in the few coming months in a planned Bor Dinka’s wrestling match in Juba, South Sudan.

If I may remember correctly, there is a provision, a rule, that states that newcomers–like Mr. Yuoot Machine–may not be legible to contest a wrestling match with time-tested, renowned wrestlers like Ajang Garang. Newcomers have to distinguish themselves first by felling lesser giants before they can stake claim on the bigger giant.

Ajang Garang therefore would rightfully feel insulted by Yuoot Machine’s match proposal because Yuoot Machine is not an equal of his to even think of challenging him. He has to distinguish himself before he can go for Ajang Garang.

Who knows, the ambitious, fresh graduate of Syracuse University may meet his equal and got humbled before he even reach Ajang Mapourdit. Nonetheless, the thought of an American going for the highest stake would still be a history by its own right.