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The Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF)

Statement No. 1

The first Victory of the SRF Forces against the National Congress Party (NCP) Forces and Militias in the battle of Jau.

The Destruction of Two NCP brigades and the seizure of 140 Vehicles and 300 Dushkas.

In the first contact with Commander Abdelaziz Adam Alhilu, after the conclusion of the Jau battle and the control of the strategic Jau area by the forces of the Joint Command of the SRF and in its first battle with the NCP forces and militias that had started at 5:00 AM on February 26, 2012, Commander Alhilu provided the preliminary details of the big victory that raised the morale of the forces of the Joint Command of the SRF. The victory is also considered a huge support for the forces of change inside Sudan since they are an important front that complements the armed struggle with their popular efforts in a tight coordination with the armed, popular and civil efforts inside Sudan.

To the members of the SRF inside Sudan and abroad and to the people of Sudan in general who are longing for change, hereunder are some of the initial details of the Jau battle and will provide full details of the battle when the rest of the information are available:

  1. The complete destruction of two NCP brigades and seizure of all military equipment and the intact military gear.
  2. The battle left high numbers of deaths and injuries among the forces and militias of the NCP and the rest ran away in different directions.
  3. The seizure of 3 Tanks in good condition.
  4. The seizure of 7 cannons 120mm.
  5. The seizure of more than 140 vehicles in good condition.
  6. The seizure of 300 Dushkas
  7. The inventory of captured small arms is underway and will be announced soon.

The SRF affirms to its supporters that it is born strong and the NCP lost its balance in the first confrontation and test. We promise our members and supporters with more victories in the coming days and expect from them to stage popular uprising and protests in support of the arm struggle in the fighting fronts to accelerate the departure of this nightmare that suffocates the peoples of Sudan for nearly a quarter of a century.

Abu Algasim Imam Elhaj

Information Secretary and the Spokesperson of the SRF

February 26, 2012

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The Sudanese Revolutionary Front
The High political Committee
December 21st, 2011
Dear Faroug Abu-Issa,
Chairman of the National Consensus Forces Council (NCF),
Ladies and Gentlemen members of the council and representatives of political parties, trade unions and civil society organizations,
Warm greetings,
We, in the High Political Committee of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) are pleased to address you via this letter as a starter of a formal dialogue between two of the forces of the democratic change and as a continuation to the collective work of all forces of the Sudanese people that struggle for change and for the overthrow of the Salvation Regime by way of employing all possible array of struggles which were historically tested by the Sudanese people especially the civil peaceful Intifada and the popular armed struggle which has been invigorated by the sacrifices and blood of the sons and daughters of our people in towns and rural villages. The Sudanese people experience in October1964 and April 1985, demonstrated that the popular armed struggle have had supported and strengthened the civil and peaceful Intifada. As you might all know, the forces that make up the SRF, have popular base and supporters in towns and rural areas all over the Sudan, and we believe in the integration and convergence of all forms, methods and tools of popular struggle to overthrow the regime. We would like to take this opportunity to highly appreciate your commitment in upholding the banner of resistance against dictatorship and totalitarianism.
We need not to underline the importance of the watershed moment passing before our eyes which must be seized by our people to overthrow the regime whose sun has set and its strength has faded and became a voice from the past of dictatorship and totalitarianism. The regime is under siege by the anger and a curse of the people after it divided the country and insulted its citizens and was unable to provide decent living for them. This is happening in the Sudan while we are witnessing around us, starting with our close neighbors, people are in uprising and raising high the banners of freedom and democracy.
Ladies and gentlemen members of NCF,
Our country is witnessing a broad upsurge in the rural areas and towns, especially among the youths, women, and the marginalized in rural areas and the urban poor. The people in Sudan will neither forgive any reversal, confusion, distraction and divisiveness of the current course nor accept the dissipation of the potentiality of unifying the forces of change under whatever pretext. We would like to reiterate and emphasize the followings:
Firstly: The SRF is ready to work jointly with other political forces to reach a national consensus to overthrow the regime through the adoption of the dual approach of the popular uprising and the popular armed resistance in a complementary and harmonious manner. We must disregards calls for dialogue with the regime or for constitutional reforms as these calls are intended to infuse perplexity among the ranks of the opposition under the claim of exploring a third approach other than the one of overthrowing the regime. Thus, it is incumbent upon us all to put forward clear and unequivocal slogans about our ultimate goal of overthrowing the regime. To achieve that goal, you should continue your commitment to peaceful civil action and you will have our support and the effective participation of our supporters, and on the other hand, we will keep up our armed struggle without respite or truce or bilateral agreements which proved their failure.
Secondly: The SRF is a democratic organization with declared objectives of restructuring the Sudanese state and lays the foundation for a citizens’ based, democratic and social just State. Hence, all the talk about the racial and ethnic composition of SRF, in essence, is a racial and ethnic attitude in itself and an age-old ethnocentric bias and the Khartoum regime is grandest ethnically-based institution there is. Our people of Sudan way forward is to work jointly to lay the pillars of a national consensus and in that spirit we are addressing you today.
Thirdly: The continuation of the NCP regime in power will lead to further disintegration of the Sudan. The guarantee to the rest of Sudan unity lies in the removal of this regime instead of collaborating with it. It has been proven without doubt that the policies of the current regime divided the Islamic movement itself let alone the Sudan whose division is now an evident reality.
Fourthly: The establishment of a strategic and stable relation between the Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan will not be attainable without the overthrow of the NCP regime and the establishment of a democratic government whose interests prevail via peaceful coexistence with neighboring countries and the international community.
Fifthly: Please find enclosed all the documents that have been approved by members of SRF, and we look forward for a democratic dialogue that is mindful of the issues of the country and its citizens and lays the foundation for an agreement between the forces of change on the necessary arrangements pertaining to the post NCP era.
Sixthly: lastly, the SRF have already embarked in dialogue with significant political forces in Sudan, which have welcomed the formation of the SRF and expressed their wishes to join it which in turn strengthens and serves the interests of the forces of change. We are now on the threshold of convening the first national convention of the SRF which will be a historic and an important event for the struggle of the forces of change and the marginalized and the objective of restructuring the Sudan State power center. We would like to affirm here that our ultimate goal is not to reshuffle government positions based on the old system of rule, but to reach a consensus with other forces of change on how the country should be ruled according to a new national program for building the new Sudanese state, and restructuring it so that it serves the interests of the marginalized of all ethnicities especially the women.
With our utmost respect and appreciation.
The High Political Committee of the SRF
1. Dr. Al-Raih Mahmood Gouma
2. Abu-Algasim Imam
3. Ahmed Tugud Lisan
4. Yasir Arman