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“If you have nothing to do, don’t do it here” unknown

By Malith Alier, Sydney, Australia

Monday, 29 July, 2019 (PW) —   I am aware in South Sudan that you can be put behind bars arbitrarily if you say something that touches the raw nerves of the “big men.” Dr. Biar Ajak is behind bars in Juba. Michael Christopher of Al Watan Newspaper is behind bars in Blue House for merely writing about Sudan under cruel Bashir.

Nobody is immune from illegal actions of the few who have arrogated it to themselves to be the accuser, the judge and the executioner. The unlimited power they have made them to have four eyes projected at four directions of the universe. What they think or perceive is the total reality, no second opinion or third may make a difference.

Currently, we have the debate over who must exclusively take control of the three national symbols of Anthem, coat of arms and the national flag. It is absurd that the issue of the symbols is politicised instead of being viewed by legal and cultural perspectives. It’s either you are supporting it or opposing it depending on what is said or unsaid in the political discourse. A third category of people thinks that the apparent usurpation of the national anthem can cause no harm to individuals or the ordinary citizenry. Therefore, it’s okay for it to be appropriated by those who will not “abuse it.”


By Adv. Bol Chol Kucdit, Juba, South Sudan

Tuesday, July 23, 2019 (PW) — It has gone viral on so many media outlets that the National Council of Ministers passed a resolution last week to ban random singing of National Anthem in any occasion where President may be absent. It was broadcasted over the radio and eventually caught the social media’s attention for debate. 

Many commentators condemned the Government’s Spokesperson in person of Hon. Michael Makuei Lueth and the President. People took it as if it was the President and Spokesperson’s sole decision, forgetting that it was a council of ministers’ collective resolution. The decision of council ministers may be reached my consensus or qualified majority vote. 

Indeed, it was not a surprise to see the debate on this issue because South Sudanese are known for two things: praising and criticizing the authorities. You could hardly see anybody proposing solutions to the problem. The blame game has become a culture! This culture of reading anything always with negative lenses must be inferiority complex syndrome. It could be carry over negative feeling towards our former colonizers. The Arabs’ oppression for number of decades made us to look everything with sense of negativity.


By Mayom Bul Atem, Juba, South Sudan

Tuesday, July 23, 2019 (PW) — As someone who was part of the committee that created South Sudan National Anthem I beg to differ with those who are making fun of President Kiir for ordering politicians and public servants not to sing the national song in his absence. Three important symbols of sovereignty are not used at random. These are

1. The national flag

2. The national coat of arms

3. The national anthem

These three symbols of sovereignty are obviously misused by South Sudanese. Our coat of arms was literally put on every letterhead logo by various government agencies and private companies. Yet, the coat of arms is supposed to appear in the letterhead of the presidency, Ministry of Cabinet Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defense, (I may have omitted a few more, but you got the idea).

On the national flag, majority of South Sudanese, including government offices use a wrong flag. The moment you use a wrong colour in the flag, that flag becomes a wrong one. Instead of using SKY BLUE in the triangle, South Sudanese use DARK BLUE instead. The colours of the national flag are properly described and explained by the committee that was tasked to work on the flag. Their hue values are also stated for those who are professional graphic designers and printers.


Dear Esteemed Readers,

Writing on/for the New Sudan Vision, Dr. Thuou Loi Cingoth, a core member of the organizing panel that constituted South Sudan National Anthem, narrates a brief account of how the National Anthem was written/composed:

This is in brief how the National Anthem was written by the technical team mentioned above and sang by the choir of the University of Juba.  This is important to make clear for the records.

Please check it out below, it is a very interesting, behind-the-scene account of the events and intrigues leading up-to the creation of the national anthem:

And in case you are wondering what the product being described above was, the lyrics of the national anthem for the Republic of South Sudan are given below: Listen to it here

Oh God!

We praise and glorify you

For your grace on South Sudan

Land of great abundance

Uphold us united in peace and harmony

Oh motherland!

We rise raising flag with the guiding star

And sing songs of freedom with joy

For justice, liberty and prosperity

Shall forevermore reign

Oh great patriots!

Let us stand up in silence and respect

Saluting our martyrs whose blood

Cemented our national foundation

We vow to protect our nation

Oh God, bless South Sudan!

Or you can sing along or teach yourself how to sing it from this link:

1. (with lyrics and sound)

2. (with lyrics and sound)

3. (sound, very clear)

4. (with picture and sound)


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