South Sudan Job Vacancy:

Posted: September 17, 2011 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Jobs

Please directly contact the employer if you have any questions.

To anyone of interest, please circulate the following job vacancies:

CRS South Sudan Multiple Positions.pdf

  1. biyinzika says:

    okay thank you my friend and how are you now days how do you find life over there am byona biyinzika am working has chef cook in hotel but now am like Capitol to make my nun business in Kampala because am lining odinery an reflectionaly so because if I get the some amount I can make a good old-nary in my self like cakes and hafe cakes plus a good mandazi subusa for meet my dear in hotel I have explince for 5years but if you make hotel in your country I will work for you very well because am good working guy and humble thank you this my mobile number if you wish to contact me my god give you a egress am byona biyinzika+256773305570 am waiting your coll AR give you mobile number i will contact you


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