North/South Demarcation

Posted: September 19, 2011 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

Editorial: North/South Demarcation

In the news the discussions on border demarcation between Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan resumed last Thursday in Addis Ababa.
The Technical Demarcation Committee Chief, Prof. Abdallah Al-Sadiq announced that the two parties’ meeting aims at the formation of two sub-committees from the two countries to continue the talks over the disputed issues.
The issue of the demarcation is considered one of the pending issues during the interim period due the difference between the NCP and the SPLM within the committee formed for that purpose.
The dispute was in five sites which represent only 20% of the borders length.
The two parties agreed on 80% of the borders but the agreement was only on paper without implementing it on the ground by putting the signals of the demarcation.
Accordingly the issue remained, among other issues, as an outstanding issue.
After the declaration of South Sudan State the southern side in the demarcation committee announced that the committee is considered as dissolved because it was formed according to a republican decree before south Sudan secession and forming its own independent state.
Now the situation necessitates entering into a new agreement between the two neighbouring countries to form a joint demarcation committee.
The two parties should agree on the mandate of that joint committee to resolve the conflict over the disputed areas.
The nature of the proposed joint committee will be definitely different from the previous one as it will represent two independent states.
However, the dispute over borders between any two states is always a serious issue that requires great efforts to resolve.
Let us hope that the proposed joint committee succeeds in making a breakthrough to achieve stability in the bordering areas between the two countries.

By Sudan Vision, 8 hours 8 minutes ago

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