South Sudan Defense Minister, Gen. John Kong Nyuon, calls for the Unity of the Army in Wau

Posted: October 5, 2011 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

The Minister of Defense Republic of South Sudan Gen. John Kong Nyuon. Yesterday addressed the division five infantry in the head quarter Wau , calling upon the armies to be united and one soldier to defend our territory pointing out the security threat that is on the South, Externally & Internally so we need a strong army and that there is training going to be conducted to the soldiers so as to raise their capacity and ability so as to be ready for any assignment .

The Minister of Defense Republic of South Sudan Gen.  John Kong   Nyuon. Yesterday

Adding that the army is one of the pillar of the country, saying that the armies should build good relation with the Citizens for they are our people without them there nothing call armies so they should work hard for the stability of the state and all Southerners and protect our Nation, no one is going for war again we ROSS government wanted the South Sudan people should have real peace and stability.

Pointing out difficulties and challenges facing the government , but every thing will be good after some times so let us all be patient , pointing his up coming plane for the coming period. That the main aim of this visit is to stand on the general situation facing armies in their head quarter, Administratively & Security and to see the process of the guns collections from the hands of the civilians , saying it is necessary to have all guns out of the civilians hands such that they may enjoy peace and stability harmony among themselves. Assuring that he will solve the problems facing militaries.

The Governor of WBGS/ Wau , Brig.Gen. Rizik Zakaria Hassan . on his side welcome the Minister, Congratulating the president and armies for the better choice by bringing right man in the right place . Assuring that he will help the Minister and stand firm with him for the security and even administration. And that the Minister of defense the country through the state border where by experiencing some challenges by the Arabs Nomads and LRA, assuring the stability of the State.

Gen. Pyiang Deng on his side assured the highlighting of the problems facing the armies soon and get full solution for, pointing out the plane of his administrations for the betterment of the armies, building capacity all soldiers.

Lastly all the speaker as asked the armies to vigilant and defense the land of South Sudan in which we fought for , for a long time and today we got our freedom so this our duty to defend it. And make stability, peace & good Environment to our civilians to enjoy the fruit of peace security Stability .

James Deng

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