Posted: December 16, 2011 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

A group of youths in Budi County are hiding in bushes in fear of security operatives. This comes after Monday’s crack down on some youths believed to be engaged in crimes in Chukudum town. Over sixty youth were arrested by Security officers.
Radio Emmanuel reported that the youths and some intellectuals who escaped arrest still fear to return to their homes.
The County Secretary of South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission in Budi County, Margaret Nakong and former commissioner Oreste Lopara are among the intellectuals hiding up with the youth in the bushes. The source also disclosed that Budi County Youth Leader Mr. Carta and Secondary school teacher Mr. Isaac Moi are still in detention.
The state government sent a team of Budi County MPS and Intellectuals to Chukudum following the news that security officials arrested more than 60 youths in Budi County, a move that has created tension in the area.
A source said that the new Commissioner of Budi County, Maurice Merisiya Kaunda, ordered the arrest of the youths following allegations that some of them were planning to demonstrate against his administration.

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