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President Museveni: State House Refutes South Sudan Rebel Assassination Claim

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By Tabu Butagira

Unfortunate. Kampala says George Athor was travelling with a forged Kenyan passport by the name of Samuel Otieno when he was shot dead on Monday.

Uganda yesterday described as “statement of enemies” allegations by South Sudan’s rebel groups that Kampala masterminded the killing of their leader, George Athor.

Athor, according to South Sudan Vice President Riek Machar, was gunned down in combat with the country’s border patrol contingent in Morobo County in Central Equatorial State, which neighbours Uganda and DR Congo.

The South Sudan’s Democratic Movement/Army (SSDM/A), in excerpts of a statement published online by Sudan Tribune on Tuesday (,41051), disputed the official account and said “President Museveni killed George Athor”.

“He was killed by Ugandans and Museveni will dearly pay for that. The SSLA and SSDA will teach Museveni a lesson he will never forget,” the statement read in part.

The renegade SPLA general, according to his group, flew to Entebbe on Saturday aboard an unspecified “Ugandan plane” for a meeting with President Museveni planned for Sunday. State House would neither confirm nor deny the reported meeting took place.

The rebels said they lost touch with the general at the weekend only for them to see pictures of his dead body on South Sudan TV on Monday.

Fake allegations
Presidential Spokesman Mirundi Tamale told this newspaper by telephone that “President Museveni has been involved in many reconciliation efforts across Africa, and does not believe in assassination of enemies”.

“It (the allegation) is not true, said Mr Tamale, “It does not bear any reality to our historical links.”

During the war with Khartoum, Uganda supported SPLA, in which Athor was a Lieutenant General, culminating in the July inauguration of South Sudan as the world’s newest state. And ethnic groups on either side of the border share common heritage.

Mr Tamale yesterday said the allegations peddled by South Sudan’s rebel groups are “statements of enemies who want to drag the name of the President (Museveni) in their conflict”.

“In any case, he was not fighting Uganda but South Sudan. So why would Uganda kill him?”

He said Athor, whose followers said boarded a plane to Uganda, could have at the same time died in combat inside South Sudan, as acknowledged by Juba officials, only if he was a “ghost”.

Both SSLA and SSDA, reported to be close to a merger, offered no specific evidence even when claiming that he was executed by Ugandan security and his corpse dumped in Morobo.

Army Spokesman Felix Kulayigye said they have no involvement with the South Sudan rebel groups.
A top Foreign Affairs ministry official said they were unaware of Athor’s reported visit “because we only deal with governments, not rebels”.

Athor turned into a rebel commander in April 2010 after losing Jonglei State’s gubernatorial ballot – a vote he alleged was stolen.

Dr Machar’s office said the renegade general had travelled from Rwanda and Uganda and appeared in Central Equatorial State on a recruitment drive when the border patrol contingent eliminated him.

He died together with Thomas Makuach, an American citizen of Sudanese ancestry, whom SSDA had said accompanied him for the Kampala meeting.

South Sudan Government to Pay $41m to Ugandan Traders for Losses

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New Vision
By Simon Masaba

Publish Date: Dec 22, 2011

Traders prepare to travel to Juba

By Simon Masaba
South Sudan will pay $41m in compensation to members of South Sudan Traders Association Limited (MSTAL) a Ugandan body, which lost their property while trading in Juba.
The body claimed harassment, confiscation of goods and property and the failure of the South Sudan government or individuals to pay for goods and services supplied and in some cases injuries and loss of life in the course of business.
Among the firms that will be compensated are Aponye Uganda Limited ($8m), Afro Kai Limited ($2.58m), Sunrise and other single claimants who have sought compensation.
Many of them have been trading in South Sudan, particularly exporting grain that has largely been on demand.
The compensation was revealed on Tuesday when the Trade Dispute Arbitration Committee was handing over a report to Amelia Kyambadde, the trade minister.
The committee was tasked with reviewing and verifying trade disputes and claims in South Sudan.Both the South Sudan and the Ugandan governments verified the compensation claims.
The Sudanese have agreed to pay the compensation. The function took place at the ministry’s head office on Parliament Avenue, Kampala.
“I am delighted to receive the final report today. This report will form a basis for our engagement with the Republic of Southern Sudan to ensure that these disputes are resolved once and for all,” Kyambadde said.  She added that trade between Uganda and Sudan has been growing steadily.
In 2008, Sudan accounted for 14.3% of Uganda’s exports, compared to Kenya’s 9.5%, Switerzerland 9% and Rwanda 7.9%   according to Uganda Bureau of Statistics.
Many traders report that they are now reluctant to continue trading in South Sudan.
The 2010 rankings of Uganda’s top markets by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics indicate that trade with Sudan was relegated from the first position in 2008/9 to fourth in 2010.
The leading three export destinations are now Kenya, Rwanda and DR Congo. This seems to suggest that traders are finding other destinations for their products, Kyambadde explained.
“One cannot rule out the possibility that traders are giving a wide berth to South Sudan and preferring export destinations that do not come with difficulties,” said Kyambadde.
She added that the ministry is hopeful that once these claims are settled and the trade environment in South Sudan improves  the traders will regain confidence to seek market and investment opportunities in Juba.–41m-to-Ugandan-traders-for-losses.html

South Sudan to pay $41m to Ugandan traders for losses
New Vision
By Simon Masaba South Sudan will pay $41m in compensation to members of South Sudan Traders Association Limited (MSTAL) a Ugandan body, which lost their property while trading in Juba. The body claimed harassment, confiscation of goods and property and

Looking Back in Order to Look Forward
On the 13th of December, a hall at Paradise Hotel was filled with young men and women, who have seen themselves as potential leaders and heeded a call to go to the UK to hone their skills and come back to serve South Sudan. Looking at the filled room

 South Sudan: Athor’s Death Is a Lesson to Our Khartoum Backed Rebels
In effect, the death of George Athor, the top rebel leader is not the end of rebellion in South Sudan. However rebellion without clear objectives and National agenda will never attract the fighters. The remaining followers of General Athor will face

South Sudan seeks food and farmland investments
South Sudan wants with the help of investors to increase production of basic food items. (File photo) By Reuters South Sudan hopes to attract investors from Gulf Arab states, Israel, China and fellow African countries to boost production of basic food

State House refutes South Sudan rebel assassination claim
Daily Monitor
Uganda yesterday described as “statement of enemies” allegations by South Sudan’s rebel groups that Kampala masterminded the killing of their leader, George Athor. Athor, according to South Sudan Vice President Riek Machar, was gunned down in combat

Dutch mission South Sudan: ‘It’s about making the Dutch government look good’
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While South Sudan is struggling with armed uprisings, Dutch parliament has decided today that the Netherlands will participate in the UN mission (UNMISS) in the youngest African country. Critics from the Sudanese and South Sudanese communities in the

Limited threat to Dutch in South Sudan
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Dutch civilian and military police officers taking part in a new UN mission to South Sudan will only be exposed to limited risks. The cabinet says the security provided by UN forces will be sufficient. Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal and Defence

JobsFinance Manager South Sudan (fixed term, 3 months)
Reuters AlertNet
MAG’s programme in South Sudan currently needs an additional Finance Manager for a period of three months. This role will work with and support our existing Finance Manager and Country Director during a particular busy period. Reporting to the Country

South Sudan: emergency unfolding
MSF UK (press release)
Six months after the birth of South Sudan as the world’s newest independent country, a series of emergencies are unfolding that require urgent humanitarian responses. Médecins Sans Frontières MSF (Doctors Without Borders) has scaled up into full

South Sudan to need Food Aid come 2012:UN
The region won its independence in July and since then the government of the south sudan had been struggling in the building of basic amenities in the country,end fracas,violence and above all overcome economic crisis. The UN has also started moving

South Sudan: MPs Say Athor’s Death ‘Relief’ to Jonglei State
The MPs blamed Athor for not responding to the Amnesty granted to all rebels groups by President Salva Kiir during the celebration of the Independence of South Sudan. The Deputy Speaker of the National Legislative Assembly Daniel Awet Akot said “it was

South Sudan: Japan Dispatches International Peace Corps to UNMISS
Juba — The Government of Japan yesterday decided to dispatch an engineering unit of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) consisting of up to 330 personnel to the United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan (UNMISS), in addition to the two

South Sudan the Sudan need strong bilateral ties
Sudan Tribune
By Isaiah Abraham December 21, 2011 — The Republic of South Sudan (RSS) and the Republic of the Sudan (RS) relationships have reached its lowest ebb ever. During the Interim Period from 2005 to 2011, the two erstwhile foes had differences,

South Sudan: Christian Pilgrims to Visit Israel in March
Juba — The Christian for Israel International South Sudan is organizing a Christian tour to Israel in the following months; March, April and October next year. This was revealed by Fr. Robert Amule to The Citizen yesterday that they would be

South Sudan: Law Society Demands Resignation of Anti-Corruption Deputy Chairperson
Juba — South Sudan Law Society in a press release signed by Secretary General Dong Samuel Luak and made available to The Citizen demands for the immediate resignation of Anti-Corruption Chairperson Johnny Saverio Ayik who is also to account for the

South Sudan: Why Don’t We Leave Some Money for Tomorrow?
Christmas celebration is the biggest event that takes place in South Sudan where majority of the inhabitants are either Catholics or members of the various protestant churches. Like their fellow Christians in other parts of the world, they celebrate

South Sudan: CES Residents Protest Ruling Over Land Allocation
Juba — The Residents of Nyakuron West, Kuggi and block nine extension in Juba have protested the decision by Central Equatoria court regarding their land. Central Equatoria state government issued a directive that the people residing in the mentioned

Sudan: US Lift Sanctions On the Country, Calls for Transparency
Juba — The United States’ Ambassador to South Sudan, Susan D. Page, has said that her government in the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control has lifted sanctions imposed on the country and called on the government of South Sudan to

South Sudan’s Athor’s rebel group convenes emergency meeting Sudan Tribune December 21, 2011 (JUBA)- The South Sudan Democratic Movement (SSDM), one of the South Sudan’s rebel groups, on Wednesday said it has called an emergency meeting with the senior members of its movement, two days after Riek Machar; the country’s vice …

South Sudan calls on journalists to embrace “patriotism”
Sudan Tribune
December 21, 2011 (JUBA)- The Government of South Sudan(GoSS) on Wednesday called on media practitioners to uphold “patriotism” when releasing information to the public. Alison Manana Magaya
South Sudan: UN launches massive airlift to aid refugees
Afrique en Ligue
Nairobi, Kenya – The UN refugee agency has launched a massive airlift from Kenya to take urgently needed aid to about 50000 Sudanese refugees in South Sudan. The first of 18 flights, using C-130 Hercules aircraft, left Nairobi Tuesday,
Activists petition UN for imposition of additional sanctions on Sudan
Sudan Tribune
Some civilians have fled into Ethiopia and South Sudan while over 43000 civilians are said to be stranded at the border, unable to enter South Sudan and are facing severe food shortages including continued aerial bombing allegedly carried out by the

Job Vacancy in South Sudan

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Please directly contact the employer if you have any further questions.

To anyone of interest, please circulate the following job vacancies:

Early Warning Early Response Officer Pibor Only.doc
Livestock Officer Pibor Only.doc

USA to President Kiir: South Sudan Should Fight Corruption To Avoid Sanctions

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22 December 2011

The United State Government yesterday told the government of South Sudan to tackle corruption in order to avoid sanctions and to boost investment.

S. Sudan Should Fight Corruption To Avoid Sanctions
Ambassador Susan Page flanked alongside with Dr. Marial Benjamin while addressing the press in Juba [©Gurtong]

By Waakhe Simon Wudu
JUBA, 22nd December 2011 [Gurtong] – The United State Government yesterday told the government of South Sudan to tackle corruption in order to avoid sanctions and to boost investment.

The US Ambassador to South Sudan Suzan D. Page said this while addressing the press yesterday in Juba. She pronounced the United States’ interest to see accountability and transparency in the South Sudanese government.

“We are looking forward to follow up arrangements so that we can hold every one accountable not just the government of the Republic of South Sudan but also donors,” Susan said.

She also expressed her country’s interest to closely ensure that, the South Sudan Auditor General’s report unveiled in the previous month that showed millions of US Dollars embezzled is recovered.

“We are working with the United Nations and others to try to help the government of South Sudan remain accountable to finding these resources that seems to have been misplaced or misused,” she revealed.

Last week the USA government lifted sanctions on South Sudan to export its oil without taxation. This is in order to boost investment in the infant nation and pave way for infrastructural development which is one of the critical challenges hindering investment in the country.

She also pointed out that, the recent concluded historic International Engagement Conference held in Washington DC solely organized by the USA was to introduce South Sudan as a new nation to the international community and also as a target to strategise better ways on how the economic challenges of the infant nation can be tackled globally.


H.E. Salva Kiir Mayardit,

President of the Republic of South Sudan

Juba, South Sudan: December, 22, 2011.

Dear H.E. Your Excellency President: Salva Kiir Mayardit and South Sudanese people:

We want to broaden our heartfelt greetings and congratulations to our President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit and the people of the newly independent State, “Republic of South Sudan,” once existence of oppression, war, death and the scattering of the people to all parts of the world are over. With great felt sorrow, we have been turned down from the wonderful political and apolitical events happened between Juba and Jerusalem since we were under the Sudan regime and now in our own sovereign government of South Sudan.

Yet, we still want to share with you our great happiness on the remarkable achievement of independent State of South Sudanese people after long struggled for our three historic decades that begun in 1955 leaded by Nya-Nya one, two and our heroic movement of SPLM/A that earned us our sovereignty after traumatizing and hard fought war of freedom which released us from the valley of death, oppression and slavery to liberty, equality and as a Democratic State.

Israel is a home to hundreds of South Sudanese people and the South Sudanese’s independence was greeted with festival celebrations in Tel Aviv which was performed by South Sudanese community. According to news media such as; Israel (22 Sept 2011), and Sudan tribune (Sept 22, 2011; KHARTOUM) stated that, “the Jewish state promised to assist South Sudan in areas of infrastructure, communications and agriculture”. “We” South Sudanese in Israel welcomed the identified promised by the State of Israel but we are here in Israel on the very large path-way of losers from all the Diasporas of South Sudanese people.

According to ( 20/12/11): President Kiir told President Shimon Peres of Israel that, “He very moved to be in Israel and to walk on the soil of the Promised Land, and with me are all South Sudanese people. Israel has always supported the South Sudanese people. Without you, we would not have arisen.” Our doubt here is that, “our President Salva Kir has come to Israel with his all Ministers and no one has even asked about the South Sudanese in Israel.” So where are we from our president? To tell truth, “we are in an open prison in Israel with conditional realized papers in our hands and no government figure from both sides has asked for us as they are our hope of freedom.”

Also  quoted President Peres pledging that, “Israel would help the new country develop.” “The first link between Israel and South Sudan was created in the 1960s, when then-prime minister Levi Eshkol and I – at the time deputy defense minister – met in Paris with local leaders from South Sudan and we gave you wide-ranging agricultural and infrastructure assistance,” he said. Our question here is: “where is that helped now while we are in your home?” We are deprived out from higher education, State health, labour right and travel documents, our children do not get birth certificates from the ministry of health because South Sudanese are not recognized by the State of Israel as refugees. We just got conditional released visas as our documents with a written quote under it which says, “Not for work.” Our future is so dime due to these reasons that we are facing in Israel.  Unlikely others Africans refugees, who have been granted permanent residents status and work permits as a legal documents that give them a opportunities to learn and get employment with a reasonable wages that suits their daily needs.       

Also there is so called “International Christian Embassy Jerusalem” (ICEJ) as its website is ( lies of assisting destitute South Sudanese with housing, finding jobs, and caring for their families’ needs, until our status and ultimate fate can be determined, And now changed from ICEJ to Operation Bless International (OB Israel) which is also ( lie too for providing humanitarian and legal assistance such as aiding new immigrants and migrant workers; providing job skills and educational training to South Sudanese but this organization is the only organization that playing the very business role on our case here in Israel. The only help from the entire above organizations is illegal repatriation of South Sudanese and Sudanese in general such as those of Darfur and Nuba Mountain to South Sudan which is usually conducted by Charmaine Hedding.

According to Y-net News article 20/12/11: quoted our president saying that “I am very excited to be here, to set foot in the Promised Land. Israel has always supported the South Sudanese people: we wouldn’t exist without you. You fought beside us to allow for the inception of South Sudan and we would like to learn from you with have shared values. Throughout history we have overcome similar struggles. We will work with Israel in the future to strengthen the strategic ties between our countries.” South Sudan government is interested in pursuing joint gambles with Israel in the fields of infrastructure, agriculture, water conservation and advanced technologies and not interested in the freedom of its citizens in Israel. We have not been recognized inside Israel and we have no rights to visit our homeland. For these reasons and more, “we” the people of South Sudan in Israel has termed South Sudan relations with Israel as “a tie based on materials” is importance than South Sudan citizens in Israel. Charity begins at home!

In conclusion, we South Sudanese Community in Israel are requesting South Sudan government to ask their counterpart the “State of Israel government” with the helps in both states to have legitimate targets based on the concept of retroactive  advancement on our status and rights to basic human needs such jobs, education and  right to visit our families  in South Sudan. We demand these to be proceeds directly as agreement between South Sudan, and the state of Israel, without middle organization here in Israel.

Also we seriously demanded “Ambassador” for Israel because we have been excluded since the time of government of South Sudan missions that were opened all over continents, African countries, Arab countries as well as Western and Europe countries and we have not been presented by our own government of which it can be helpful to us and be respected as South Sudanese residents or refugees internationally and that would give us opportunities to study  and work legally and return back home successfully and help in developing  our “new State.”                                                                  

Joseph Monyde Malieny: Student of University of South Africa (UNISA) 

 For more details, I can be reached through:

Cell phones contacts:  00972-526406811: 00972-545388985: