Achieving Independence and Failing Our Country

Posted: April 4, 2012 by PaanLuel Wël in Junub Sudan

By Beny Gideon Mabor, JUBA

APR. 03/2012, SSN; The achievement of the independence in South Sudan alone without launching the process for nation and state building provided under the Constitution may risk turning the Republic of South Sudan into a
failed state.

There are four elements of a successful state namely national security, economic development, foreign policy strategy and equitable political settlement. All these elements constitute firm basis for stable government and governance.

The most unanswered question is where we are now? Are we improving in building those elements or not? In my humble view, we are very faraway and facing very acute challenges of nation building. If no immediate change or
solution is found we shall degenerate into a failed state.

Nonetheless, our country has a lot of potential. It can improve in achieving all the above goals even faster than countries that got their independence before us.

Unfortunately, the current political leadership and constitutional post-holders are incapable of rising to the challenges the new Republic is facing. Further, they are busy engaging in unpatriotic activities that apparently undoing our sovereignty.

The spread of tribal ideology in politics and governance and massive corruption are clear evidence.

These practices go to the highest level of office in our government. It is absolute disgrace to our nation in view of the fact that we lost about three to five million people in our struggle for independence. None of our martyrs could ever stomach that politics has become a trade and business of the leadership of the SPLM/A.

Furthermore, incompetence, tribalism and profiteering are the marks of ministerial post holders. Accountability and service to our people has been thrown out the window by all our leaders.

Second, the government cannot be stable if core obligations and duties are not performed successfully. Our national interest can only be secured and advanced by a combination of our military, diplomatic and political means, to address the mounting challenges of nation building.

The other most important question is what is the Government of South Sudan, a country born into highly antagonistic and war-like situation, doing to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity? How come we lost Abyei? How come we have not mobilized our youth and people for the defense of our country? And how come we are always ready to roll over and appease Khartoum?

And the answer is simple and clear that we refuse to accept that the defense of our sovereignty and territorial integrity is an absolute imperative.

The roots of these defense strategic failures are embedded in the so-called New Sudan Vision that allowed, amongst other things, that Abyei to be treated as Ngok Dinka territory and not as a South Sudan territory inhabited by the Ngok Dinka. It is a vision that crippled us from developing and implementing the total defense strategy in the last seven years.

It continues to threaten our ability to develop a coherent national strategy for safeguarding and securing our realm because significant strategic portfolios and key positions in the Executive are held by SPLM cadres fed with and blinded by New Sudan Ideology.

A case in point was Dr. Luka Biong and others’ role during the GoSS interim
period and in particular at the Presidency, which favored the transformation of the Sudan and not the independence of South Sudan.

Had the good doctor and company, for example, not obstructed the reform of public sector five years ago in the best interest of the South, we would have today a civil service capable of assisting building our country.

The essence of our liberation struggle ever since the Torit Uprising in 1955 was for the liberation of South Sudan to become an independent State in order to guarantee freedom, justice and equality for our people.

This struggle of the separatists was subdued by the unionists but not defeated after the unification of the SPLM/A movement and many of the separatists remained active and loyal to the desires of the majority of South Sudanese.

Amongst such separatists were comrade Salva Kiir Mayardit, comrade Deng Alor and “surprisingly” comrade Pag’an Amum who was one of the original founders of Anyanya II.

With the separatists securing self-determination as a key pillar in the CPA and the failure of Khartoum administration to make unity attractive as stipulated under the CPA and the unfortunate death of the Prophet of New Sudan Ideology, comrade Dr. John Garang de Mabior, the South voted for independence 99.83 %.

From this it is self-evident that all the citizens of our Republic voted for independence, be they SPLM/A, SPLM/A splinter groups, Southern parties, civil society organizations, Diaspora or even NCPs.

The achievement of our independence is a victory of the people for the people and by the people.

Now we are facing the daunting challenges of State and nation building. Now we know without any doubt that the SPLM ruling elite and cliques are ill prepared for the task. In fact, they lack the necessary capabilities to carry out the tasks of governing in the interest of all.

And surprisingly, the SPLM remains a reservoir of massive leadership talents and abilities all elbowed out by a handful of vested interests.

Consequently, the call of all marginalized South Sudanese people to create a new State able to fulfill its constitutional obligations of good governance will remain unmet. The lives of our people will not be protected.

Basic fundamental services like education, medicines and food security will remain dreams unless and until the SPLM renews its leadership and manifesto. Until the day it accepts that free market fundamentalism is a disservice to our nation.

Finally, what will be the solution in this situation? The solution without delay is revolution. By revolution I mean a radical transformation of the SPLM based on new vision and ideas all aimed at serving the people and the citizens of our country.

The SPLM must guide the strategic direction of South Sudan in a way that will achieve sustainable economic, human and environmental development. And to rapidly attain national ownership of our resources and economy from
the hands of others.

We must discard the notion of, ‘I deserve to loot this country because I went to the bush.’

I do not say the same but I was too in the bush. It is now time to promote commitment, competence, merit and truthfulness to the country.

Beny Gideon Mabor, E-mail:

  1. Quran (4:104) – “And be not weak hearted in pursuit of the enemy; if you suffer pain, then surely they (too) suffer pain as you suffer pain…”


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