SPLM-DC Press Release: President Kiir was Wrong to Link SPLM-DC to Armed Groups in Upper Nile

Posted: May 3, 2012 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Press Release
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Juba, South Sudan, 1st May 2012
1.      In St Teresa Catholic Church Cathedral in Juba on 29th April 2012 during the celebration of its Jubilee which was also broadcast live by Bakhita FM Radio, the President of the Republic of South Sudan, Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, used the holy pulpit to make an allegation that the SPLM-DC is responsible for an armed attack on  SPLA positions across the river from Malakal town in Upper Nile State on 27th April 2012. This is a very unfortunate development coming as it does at a time when all of us are busy supporting our gallant National Armed Forces of the Republic of South Sudan.
2.       We look at it that such a regrettable statement is pouring cold water on the understanding reached by the President of the Republic and the Chairman of our party last September on how to deal with the challenges facing the newly born state. The essence of that agreement was that the SPLM as the ruling party and the SPLM-DC as the Opposition shall work together co-operatively on the issues of nation-building, such as forging national unity, foreign policy, stamping out insecurity in the country, etc. Nevertheless, if the President of the Republic cannot proceed with his commitment with the leadership of SPLM-DC, he could do so in ways we all know in dissolving agreements rather than level such a serious libelous accusation against our party in a prayer place.
3.      The SPLM-DC leadership has been re-iterating since its birth in June 2009 that the party has been committed to constitutional and legal obligations in the country, and has never linked itself to any military group. We have been used to hearing such allegations and the motive behind them all is to de-register our party. If some people have personal grudges against some individuals in our party, let them be informed that the party is above individuals and should not be taken responsible for personal matters. The party has its institutions and can only take responsibility for matters decided by them. We repeat for the umpteenth time that we have no armed formations and condemn and denounce the use of arms for political ends.
4.      SPLM-DC would like to remind the public of the 19th April 2012 “PRESS CONFERENCE ON THE CURRENT POLITICAL AND SECURITY SITUATION BETWEEN THE REPUBLICS OF SOUTH SUDAN AND THE SUDAN” where the party stated its unwavering support to South Sudan Armed Forces in their national duty to defend the territorial integrity of the country. The leadership of the party did not stop there but also took a lead in mobilizing the people of South Sudan to stand united behind the President of the Republic in order to face the aggression of the Government of the Sudan. Further, the leadership of SPLM-DC has requested and is waiting for an appointment with the President of the Republic so that it could hand him a cheque of contribution of the members of the party for the material support of the gallant Armed Forces of the Republic of South Sudan.
5.      The SPLM-DC would like to urge all South Sudan political parties and other stakeholders to stay united at this difficult time the country is undergoing through. It is not the moment for politics of division and dividing. The challenges facing the new country are enormous to the extent that they are impossible to handle single-handedly with exclusive one-party approach. In particular, the SPLM-DC would like to call upon all those who have taken up arms against the government of the new republic, for one reason or another, to resort to dialogue and avoid destruction of dear lives and properties of South Sudanese.
6.      It is our conviction that there is no greatest good than peace and reconciliation. Hence, we call upon regional as well as international community to continue pressuring the two ruling parties in the Republics of South Sudan and the Sudan to resolve their current conflicts by way of dialogue without creating unnecessary complications internally or externally. This is the time to close our ranks to defend our country, not to accuse each other and get divided. United we stand but divided we fall.
          Sisto Olur Erisa,
         Acting Secretary-General of SPLM-DC,
         Juba, South Sudan.

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