How Does Same-Sex Marriage Sound in South Sudan?

Posted: June 1, 2012 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Featured Articles, Heskey Deng, Socio-Cultural
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By Heskey Deng Machol

Gay Marriage is Soundless in South Sudan

I’m extremely much offended by U.S. President Barack Obama’s expression of support for same-sex marriage to be legalized in the world.

It’s an abomination and I warn all southerners and particularly our government to keep off from this so called “gay marriage” which has been signed into law by America President, that our country transitional constitution has no page to accommodate the same sex marriage law.

It has taken a lot of my work hours, and sleeping hours thinking about it, till now; I didn’t find a solution to it, because when I defined word “gay” with simple language, sleeping with another man or fuck another man’s ass {Anus}, and tell him to position himself well and put in someone penis to his tube, Wow!!…it’s an eyesore, how painful is it?, Although the women do it, God created them to do so, but not men….it is reverberation futile to me, really I pity God who wasted much time in designing man, the way they are today.

I would say to our beloved President of America to rethink about the statement that he made and know very well that it is against our norms and religion; we as Christians, we cannot support gays at all costs.

Although, I didn’t do an interview with citizens of South Sudan, I personally know, they will not allow this evil marriage in their societies, of course, in my community where I came from, it’s 100 percent impossible, because if you did that, and people learnt of it, then you are really a devil of that community, and you will end up without speaking in the public gathering place, then if you are soundless in the community forum, then you are a useless person in the society.

I thought, I was the only person who spent days and nights worried about it, but the majority of citizens in Juba have gone farther than me, as it raised debate in public places, such as tea places, public vehicles, hotels, schools and even at home, husband and wife, as I bypassed one of neighbor’s house, a woman was consistently advising her husband not to imply with so called “gay marriage”, when I heard this topic, I abruptly stopped, then I looked for a stone on which to sit, with the aim of consuming all what they said, at last she said that, it will result into break up of families, and therefore God is not pleased with this gay marriage that is why He  burned Sodom and Gomorrah to ashes by fire from the sky, when they introduced homosexuality, and concluded that, the hours of God are around the corners to judge the earth, in fact, at that time, I was really happy with everything she said, all in all, she was my friend in rejected this inhumane marriage and that why I like women sometime, they don’t support destructive things.

While in the churches, they concluded that, it’s near for the Son of God to return, as we heard what Jesus said before he was nailed on the cross, that there will be time for false prophets, and confusion in the world {gay marriage}, and if those happened, these are signs of son of man to come to judge the earth, so it’s another abortion in the believers.

The president’s immense popularity on the continent is taking a hit, even in his father’s native Kenya and special South Sudan, in April 27, 2012 – A South Sudan youth group vehemently rejected importation of what they described as western culture that allows same sex marriage, saying that South Sudan is a nation with culture, values and beliefs.

In 2010 South Sudan President, Salva Kiir promised democracy, equality and justice for everyone in the new nation but made an exception for homosexuals, saying that gay people would not be accepted. Homosexuality will not be accepted in South Sudan, thank President, I {we} will stand behind you to fight this idiotic gay marriage signed by US President.

“President Obama, I just can’t imagine  why he supports gay marriage. In fact, I’m very much bitter with him, the President of the USA supports gay marriage?  No, it can’t happen” in our beloved country.

I {We} do not want to hear and do what is done by others because South Sudan is a country known for its culture, morals and conscience,  and cannot provide a haven for such engagements.

Let us always bear in mind that the world and all its materials are not eternal. We came from the Lord without our knowledge and will return to Him without our knowledge. And creation is for a purpose, which must be fulfilled. Our failure to fulfill the mission of creation means that destruction awaits us at the end. South Sudan cannot afford to be part of the society and people who wish to earn the anger of the Creator and his lethal punishment.

Our culture in diversity opens the doors to all and sundry, but gays and lesbians and others whose actions, thoughts and conscience are by it not progressive and are opposed to the Divine Will. They cannot be entertained in our country.

Gay marriage is out of the question, “Very, very wrong.  I’m {we are} not in favor of it at all.  So if they want to withdraw their support, let them.  God will make a way for us because God would never be in favor of such a demonic thing,

  1. You upsolutely right brother, we will ever allowed the human to act as a animal blind that can jump to search for hole either a mouth,ear,eye or anus just.


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