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By Heskey Deng Machol

Gay Marriage is Soundless in South Sudan

I’m extremely much offended by U.S. President Barack Obama’s expression of support for same-sex marriage to be legalized in the world.

It’s an abomination and I warn all southerners and particularly our government to keep off from this so called “gay marriage” which has been signed into law by America President, that our country transitional constitution has no page to accommodate the same sex marriage law.

It has taken a lot of my work hours, and sleeping hours thinking about it, till now; I didn’t find a solution to it, because when I defined word “gay” with simple language, sleeping with another man or fuck another man’s ass {Anus}, and tell him to position himself well and put in someone penis to his tube, Wow!!…it’s an eyesore, how painful is it?, Although the women do it, God created them to do so, but not men….it is reverberation futile to me, really I pity God who wasted much time in designing man, the way they are today.

I would say to our beloved President of America to rethink about the statement that he made and know very well that it is against our norms and religion; we as Christians, we cannot support gays at all costs.

Although, I didn’t do an interview with citizens of South Sudan, I personally know, they will not allow this evil marriage in their societies, of course, in my community where I came from, it’s 100 percent impossible, because if you did that, and people learnt of it, then you are really a devil of that community, and you will end up without speaking in the public gathering place, then if you are soundless in the community forum, then you are a useless person in the society.

I thought, I was the only person who spent days and nights worried about it, but the majority of citizens in Juba have gone farther than me, as it raised debate in public places, such as tea places, public vehicles, hotels, schools and even at home, husband and wife, as I bypassed one of neighbor’s house, a woman was consistently advising her husband not to imply with so called “gay marriage”, when I heard this topic, I abruptly stopped, then I looked for a stone on which to sit, with the aim of consuming all what they said, at last she said that, it will result into break up of families, and therefore God is not pleased with this gay marriage that is why He  burned Sodom and Gomorrah to ashes by fire from the sky, when they introduced homosexuality, and concluded that, the hours of God are around the corners to judge the earth, in fact, at that time, I was really happy with everything she said, all in all, she was my friend in rejected this inhumane marriage and that why I like women sometime, they don’t support destructive things.

While in the churches, they concluded that, it’s near for the Son of God to return, as we heard what Jesus said before he was nailed on the cross, that there will be time for false prophets, and confusion in the world {gay marriage}, and if those happened, these are signs of son of man to come to judge the earth, so it’s another abortion in the believers.

The president’s immense popularity on the continent is taking a hit, even in his father’s native Kenya and special South Sudan, in April 27, 2012 – A South Sudan youth group vehemently rejected importation of what they described as western culture that allows same sex marriage, saying that South Sudan is a nation with culture, values and beliefs.

In 2010 South Sudan President, Salva Kiir promised democracy, equality and justice for everyone in the new nation but made an exception for homosexuals, saying that gay people would not be accepted. Homosexuality will not be accepted in South Sudan, thank President, I {we} will stand behind you to fight this idiotic gay marriage signed by US President.

“President Obama, I just can’t imagine  why he supports gay marriage. In fact, I’m very much bitter with him, the President of the USA supports gay marriage?  No, it can’t happen” in our beloved country.

I {We} do not want to hear and do what is done by others because South Sudan is a country known for its culture, morals and conscience,  and cannot provide a haven for such engagements.

Let us always bear in mind that the world and all its materials are not eternal. We came from the Lord without our knowledge and will return to Him without our knowledge. And creation is for a purpose, which must be fulfilled. Our failure to fulfill the mission of creation means that destruction awaits us at the end. South Sudan cannot afford to be part of the society and people who wish to earn the anger of the Creator and his lethal punishment.

Our culture in diversity opens the doors to all and sundry, but gays and lesbians and others whose actions, thoughts and conscience are by it not progressive and are opposed to the Divine Will. They cannot be entertained in our country.

Gay marriage is out of the question, “Very, very wrong.  I’m {we are} not in favor of it at all.  So if they want to withdraw their support, let them.  God will make a way for us because God would never be in favor of such a demonic thing,

Heskey Deng

It’s shameful for government officials to dig the grave for their Country, which means when it gets ill; it will die in the day time, a time when the sun stands in middle of the sky.

Enough is enough, President Kiir must stop to accommodate unproductive, idiotic and useless Ministers Directors and some General in SPLA, who were born with a spoon in their mouth, have hands in looting public money, who even don’t fear God and they are imprudent and claim, they are believers, ‘hell to them’, going to church every Sunday, as they try to swindle God, but they must understand that, going to church everyday can’t make you to be a Christian, I know, God will not forgive them because God is not a simple object to backhander.

For sure, Mr. President, six years of CPA, was right time for you to accommodate your friends, colleagues, in-laws, nephews, cousins, concubine in case of any and more others, but it was past, and they are already richer, they drive world expense vehicle {V-8} like bad boys in United State and also they bought first class houses abroad and whole of Africa’s countries, so president remove them and recruit competent persons to deliver services to innocent civil population.

Realistic, I wonder one day, when I followed the news bulletin on Miraya Radio, the newsreader said, at least five people died of hunger in greater Behr el Ghezal and hundreds of civilians are in bad starvation, I beat my chest twice, and dying off, in couple of minutes, I said what the hell is going on in this country?, because in every hotel I go to watch football, I have to get five to eight people {government officials} from this region accommodated there, but they don’t paid their room fees, they are paid by the government, in this scenario, majority of them are accommodated in hotels, since the government came to Juba in 2005, they are addicted to hotel life spending millions of money on food, beer and sleeping with prostitutes  while their relatives are dying of hunger, shame on them, how will you be happy when your own people are dying now and then, God is not a fool, the blood of those people will be on your neck and your children’s necks because you are prowling his/her share, remember, what goes around, comes around.

Thanks to my closest friend {man}, who revealed to me an inside secret of the government, but sorry I will not mention his name because the futile security personnel will get rid of him, narrated the story of a money burgle General in SPLA, he is a big boss in Bilpham, it’s a funny story, don’t panic if you don’t understand my English grammar because it’s a second language to me, according to him, the high ranked General without name, but I know his name, I’m afraid, he is a wild human being, he can loot me like money, to drive you to the point, the SPLA General pillaged hundreds of millions of Sudanese pounds,  money that he was taking to innocent SPLA soldiers, at the borders, recently, 2009/2010, this is live evidence with many sources, do you know what happened?…this thief {General}, planned his trick, he made emergency trips to SPLA bases, from whom he stole their salary, and then told the SPLA, no money this time, the government sent money abroad to buy jet fighters, anti-air guns and so forth, as you know, we are in the era of referendum, Jan 2011, but we don’t know what Khartoum government planned on referendum, so government  main concern is to equip you early, so that when Khartoum regime rejects the referendum to take place, then we are going to liberate our independence, that ululating chanting of “SPLA Oyee” as sign of readiness, while the big crook just laughed inside.

After many days of ploy, he returned to Juba, as he cleared his throat of looting process, immediately he began enticing those who knew his deals with litter money, then banking; the remaining amounts, sent some of the money to his families lease in Kenya and Uganda, unfortunately unwise forgot his father, mother, grandmother/father and relatives, who were storms of hunger, that resulted to the death of his poor uncle in less than a week.

Although it seems he fulfilled his cheating ego, he was in peg of Security personnel, that naked everything he did to the head of state, in two days, he was called by the president, said I heard your bad deal, from now I release you from that position of Finance, before the president put down his word, he collapsed, lying down in the president’s office on the floor; for a couple of minutes that left the President in a shakable mood with a lot of words flying on his brain, shortly he lifted up his head, which brought the president to normal life. Then, he {looter} vowed several times, and said, Mr. President, if you remove me, my families will die of hunger because I don’t know how to run business, cultivation and even my relatives relationship is too deteriorated, I will die, I beg you {President}, don’t release me, let me continue feeding my families, with these stupidity words, he confused the President of what to say, if he said yes, he brought up corruption, if No, then the man will be shocked forever and Mr. President will be in a problem of murdering, so the President concluded: just go, I will see, by then up to now, no action has been taken against him nor has the President called him again.

In my opinion, it’s ironical, if the president fears to release corrupt Ministers, Generals, and Directors because they are going to die in his office, that means, it’s a government of united individuals without citizens, so Mr. President let them die, we will stand behind you because they are destroying your wise ruling.

It’s hard to understand the ruling of this Country, when you get them, they are southerners outside, but inside, they are not native or Arab, they have black heart, which doesn’t think of development and service delivery, but only thinks of what is going into the mouth.

In conclusion, I have come too to agree with those, who described this government as, a government of self service {Goss}, if it were a true government of south Sudan, the services such as Education, Roads and clear drinking water would have reached the civil population at grassroots.

By Heskey Deng

 The University of Juba is home to many of the country’s leading scholars in dozens of fields, and for decades it has been an important laboratory for social change in the Sudan before and particularly South Sudan. It has also been at the forefront of many struggles for political, social, civil and labour rights struggles, as both an incubator of new ideas and practices and as a laboratory in which various attempts to change the balance of power and responsibility between social groups, and between society and government, have played out.

It is two months since the Public University has been shut down due to clashes rocks in the campus amongst the students, since then no step has been taking by the government and the University senate on the matters, as they playing deaf hearing on the problems.

As to mirroring the clashes, it was just between the two students, and even they were apartment mate, although it brought many students in, it would not reached to the closure of the public University for two months, if there is no ego and political ideology behind it because the students, who fought last time, were those who are failure in education, so they want to poisons the brilliant students.

By then, the University administration {Senates} formed fact-finding committee to instigate the roots cause of the problem, but up to now, no results, while they are just received salary of no sweats, and no one questioned them…look at failed government, I am tired of them, even Somalia government is better than ours.

It proven that, the juba University administration is too weak to hammer out such minors fighting erupted in the university campus in the end of March between the few students of great Equatoria and Dinka, instead for them to solved the problems, they pre-tunes it to the level of ethnicity line.

More broadly, the Juba University Vice Chancellor, government and Ministry of Higher Education has shown neither a capacity nor willingness to re-opening the public University for students to fulfill their work planning.

In response to this failure, bring me to conclude that, it is scorch tactic of undermine or delaying of poor students education to finish their course early, and it’s another way of bestow chance and advantage to their children, who studying in East African Universities to get good job without hard competition but shame to them {government officials}.

The Government (Ministry of Higher Education), and Juba University Administration incapacity and lack of determination to ensure the effective operations of the University in the new nation for eight years has amount to poor equality of education system, but at the moment they want to clear themselves and trying to find scapegoat in the recent disagreement among the students.

The idiotic Vice Chancellor with his foolish decision of closure high institute of learning indefinitely with immediately ordered of the innocent students to vacate the hostels due to minor fighting at mid of March put them in the storms of hunger and frustration life, as they are loitering on the street of city searching for surviving means, but no persons and even the government to answer their suffering, whereas they are enjoys their days and nights drinking beer, and smoking a big weed tube {gals} at hotels in Juba using public money, money which the parents of poor students sacrifice their life.

While on the other hand, the Country government distancing themselves from the closure of institution, instead of pressurizes the failure Juba University Vice –Chancellor with his idiotic administrations to re-open the university, they just sit back enjoys their office air-condition and comfortable classical chair that fools them not to thinks for tomorrow future, simply their children are pursuing their studying in foreigners countries.

However, the country government, and particularly minister of higher education can pressurize the Juba University Vice Chancellor and administration in whole to re-open the public university, so that the infected students will wings up their years.

Indeed, in societies otherwise so thoroughly dominated by money and its colonization of every sphere of private and public life, it is imperative that public universities remain one of the few places where a democratic, non-commoditized public sphere can function, one that encourages open research and debate not overly determined by financial or partisan ideological considerations. It’s hard to see how societies can address the myriad challenges they face and survive democratically if the great public universities such as Juba University remain malfunction. Sadly, the current leadership of the University of Juba is contributing to the rapid deterioration of public discourse and to the stifling of knowledge production, which will be crucial to any possible economic and political renewal in the South Sudan.

It might well be too late to stop this process here, but those observing this debacle from the outside would do well to learn from our mistakes before they suffer a similar fate.

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