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Sudan’s Bashir: Agreement with south must be based on 2011 accord

Posted: June 16, 2012 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Sudan

Sudan’s Bashir: Agreement with south must be based on 2011 accord
Washington Post
KHARTOUM, Sudan — Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir says his country will only resolve a border dispute with South Sudan by adhering to the U.N.-brokered 

Sudan: No changes to 2011 border with south

Fox News –
KHARTOUM, Sudan – Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir says his country will only resolve a border dispute with South Sudan by adhering to the UN-brokered agreement by which the south gained its independence last year. Khartoum says it plans to participate 
Irish Times – ‎
Sudan said it had agreed to resume talks next week with South Sudan to end hostilities between the arch-enemies, state news agency Suna said on Thursday. The African neighbours came close to war when a border dispute in April saw the worst violence 
Shanghai Daily (subscription) -‎
KHARTOUM, June 16 (Xinhua) — Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir on Saturday reiterated that his country would not negotiate with South Sudan on security issues except for on bases of 1956 border and the recognized map which defines the borders of the 
Prensa Latina –
16 de junio de 2012, 00:01Khartoum, June 16 (Prensa Latina) The Sudanese government has decided to participate next Tuesday in Ethiopian negotiations with South Sudan over border disputes, suspended since June 7, it announced today.

South Sudan, UN investigate reports of rape by police
JUBA (Reuters) – The United Nations and South Sudanese authorities said on Friday they were investigating reports police had abducted and raped women 

NU lands big man from South Sudan, reportedly Luol Deng’s cousin
Chicago Tribune
Northwestern has secured a verbal commitment from an intriguing player, a 7-foot-2 center named Chier Ajou, who reportedly is first cousins with Bulls star Luol 
South Sudan and Sudan Talks Should Discuss Oil Transit
South Sudan is negotiating with the Republic of the Sudan on post independence unresolved issues such as border demarcation – disputed areas, oil transit 

Dear Colleague,

UNICEF has been given an opportunity to organise a TEDx Juba on the occasion of South Sudan’s 1st Independence Anniversary. The event will take place on 13th July (venue TBC).

TEDx is an independently organized speaking event based on the TED’s mission "Ideas worth spreading". This global event is designed to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue at local level. The topic can cover every field of human exploration from health and science to art and philosophy. Pls. see the links on youtube for a good reference.

The theme of TEDxJuba is "New Nation, New Ideas". We are confident this event will contribute to foster civil society discourse that would lead to opportunities for young people, children and women to realize their rights.

For this event, we are looking for several South Sudanese speakers (anywhere in the country or the diaspora) to give inspirational speeches on their innovations….which could range from development to entrepreneurship. We would like dynamic speakers, who will inspire and stimulate discussion among the audience and beyond. This will improve efforts in contributing to the growth of the nation. Their ‘talk’ will be broadcasted through YouTube and other channels to the global community. There will be a provision for a translator, if necessary. We would appreciate receiving recommendations for innovative individuals that can share his/her ideas.

For example, it can be someone who is a young local entrepreneur who brought success and change into his community through innovative use of small technological device. Or, an artist who innovated an interesting idea to convey peace message to the larger community etc. Another example we are looking at is the group who adapted one of Shakespeare’s play "Cymbeline" into Juba Arabic to promote good literature in the country.

Kindly find attached the event details and basic speaker criteria. If you already have someone in mind, we would appreciate if you could provide information (with the person’s name, contact details) and the reason why the person would be a good speaker for this event.

Pls. feel free to ask any queries on this to Sid Shrestha, Chief of Strategic Communication (sidshrestha).

Thanks in advance.


(See attached file: TEDxJuba-concept

Dr. Yasmin Ali Haque



Pieces of Advice to my fellow brothers/sisters and students of the closed ‘universities’.

Nobody would wish a son or daughter, a brother or sister to drop out. Nobody! But equally, nobody, in their natural sanity, would also wish a son, daughter, brother or sister to drop in at a campus, which has no compass for the future. Those quasi universities closed down by the minister (I thought it was the Ministry of Higher Education and its constitution) did a lot of injustice to our Virgin Nation, an academic defilement not only to the fresh brains but also to the fresh name of this nation. Therefore, if there is any wish to mourn for the losses incurred during the shut down, I hereby drop in my croco-dialed tears. The condolence message to my fellow students is delivered in my anthology of poetry (to be published when I get rich— Inshallah), entitled:…

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When a head confuses the body

Posted: June 16, 2012 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

By Atok Dan

When the head, the leg and the organs are in disarray,

the head confuses the subjects

it is the tale of a headless body

even when the head contradicts physiological function,

in dormancy,

subjects still adore it

the prestigious head for it being lucky to be on top

it still heads the active body

If I could still speak the prophetic tongue,

gliding birds and hovering insects in glaring sun,

over our skies will listen to my tongue

the lions, the leopards and the fierce hyenas

of our land will stand still

to the command of a man

I command all the beasts of our land

they are my subjects,

I head them,

They paid allegiance to my supremacy

Even the orphans, the widows and the poor of the land,

alike would devour the book with great enthusiasm,

it is simple order

for I owe my being to crawling insects on our soil

they understand me,

they are my subjects

I head them to journey of scavenges

even the greedy pays allegiance

no one eats alone,

for we all occupied an ecological zone,

it is this nation.

When hope tatters in despair,

subjects vowed to bow in allegiance

no insubordination,

they are my subject,

I head them

only and only in the Arabs spring subjects insubordinate,

with filthy heads

for even when the wealth of insects have all gone,

the widows, orphans would still decipher,

mysterious disappearance of grazing pasture,

it could be soil erosion,

be deforestation,

but reasonable

it is the tale of unfair sharing

If I could still speak the tongue of Isaiah,

the dead, the wounded and the souls,

would still disagree with me,

in fairness of my flair of commands,

the sun, the moon and the stars would be my only friends

but galaxies, milky-way and oceans are still against me

I’m a bad head,

but I command them

For I can appease flies in the latrines,

poisonous reptiles of our rivers can subscribe to my ruling,

it becomes the ruling of failed head

the wolves, the jackals are the merchants and mercenaries of ruling,

the buffalos and the elephants are police of my state

I command to the duties,

for their bowls are my mission

Nursed in troubled placenta

Posted: June 16, 2012 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

By Atok Dan

Boiled up, boiled down in trouble,

but still in trouble

it was in the Sudan, the land of discords

my blood still oozes with oxygen carrying traces of oppression

Sudan, I was born in you

Nursed in the land of discords

But born in the troubled placenta of discord

In troubles did I ever known civility

but discord,

hate of hatreds

A kid born passed the oppressed date

can never live to tell the tales of trouble placenta

It is a freed human generation

Ado, can I say a hand at work

at work with evils

Trigger death to a peaceful soul

in troubled placenta, we fought wars

never was it an ideological

but an ideology of survival

It was Sudan, the land of discords where man died for God

John Penn called it the soldiers of God

In Sudan, man poised holy to kill

skillful killer, in the name of God