When a head confuses the body

Posted: June 16, 2012 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

By Atok Dan

When the head, the leg and the organs are in disarray,

the head confuses the subjects

it is the tale of a headless body

even when the head contradicts physiological function,

in dormancy,

subjects still adore it

the prestigious head for it being lucky to be on top

it still heads the active body

If I could still speak the prophetic tongue,

gliding birds and hovering insects in glaring sun,

over our skies will listen to my tongue

the lions, the leopards and the fierce hyenas

of our land will stand still

to the command of a man

I command all the beasts of our land

they are my subjects,

I head them,

They paid allegiance to my supremacy

Even the orphans, the widows and the poor of the land,

alike would devour the book with great enthusiasm,

it is simple order

for I owe my being to crawling insects on our soil

they understand me,

they are my subjects

I head them to journey of scavenges

even the greedy pays allegiance

no one eats alone,

for we all occupied an ecological zone,

it is this nation.

When hope tatters in despair,

subjects vowed to bow in allegiance

no insubordination,

they are my subject,

I head them

only and only in the Arabs spring subjects insubordinate,

with filthy heads

for even when the wealth of insects have all gone,

the widows, orphans would still decipher,

mysterious disappearance of grazing pasture,

it could be soil erosion,

be deforestation,

but reasonable

it is the tale of unfair sharing

If I could still speak the tongue of Isaiah,

the dead, the wounded and the souls,

would still disagree with me,

in fairness of my flair of commands,

the sun, the moon and the stars would be my only friends

but galaxies, milky-way and oceans are still against me

I’m a bad head,

but I command them

For I can appease flies in the latrines,

poisonous reptiles of our rivers can subscribe to my ruling,

it becomes the ruling of failed head

the wolves, the jackals are the merchants and mercenaries of ruling,

the buffalos and the elephants are police of my state

I command to the duties,

for their bowls are my mission

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