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Release our Freedom Fighter and Nationalist, Comrade Pagan Amum

Posted: January 6, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in History, PaanLuel Wël

So Comrade Salva Kiir’s buddies nowadays include President Bashir, Lam Akol, David Yau-Yau; and Comrade Pagan Amum (and his comrades) is the enemy, bound to account for the politico-military mess in the Republic of South Sudan? Nature should be kind enough to the old man to grant him long lasting life, long enough for him to ruminate on the way he has betrayed his own heroic legacy when fate had placed him on the seat to mold the destiny of the nation, his own legacy and that of his fallen Comrades! The casualty of the current crisis, above anything else, is Kiir the freedom fighter, the loyal war veteran and the steadfast liberator. How much of that legacy would remain when dust finally settle in RSS is anybody’s best guess. The core of what constituted the historic SPLM/A’s leadership is no more; who would Comrade Kiir turn to for help if his current foes-turn-allies abandon him tomorrow? President Kiir should immediately and unconditionally release our detained freedom fighters and war veterans and stop pandering to Khartoum and her proxies!!!–PaanLuel Wel