Kut Alier Apollo: A Response to Dr. Bior Kwer Bior’s Internet Pugilism

Posted: April 8, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Featured Articles

“The lambs of sacrifice for a country are the best of its sons, just as the unblemished lambs are offered on the sacrificed as narrated in the Old Testament and as practiced in our traditional rites,” Father Saturnino Lohure.

By Kut Alier Apollo, Nairobi, Kenya

Kut Alier Apollo

April 8, 2014 (SSB) —  Just what is happening to Dr. Bior Kwer Bior Jr, and how much longer are we to be afflicted by this ingenious smokescreen that has induced so much phlegm, distorted so much vision and generated so much heat but has offered scant illumination?

I was taught to understand that to become a real Doctorate holder, critical thinking and objective assessment of events and issues would have to be second nature. Indeed, I never for once doubted this comprehension, which Dr. John Garang, Prof. Ajuoi Magot, and others clearly epitomized. Unfortunately, a few years after attending Law School, the likes of Dr. Bior Kwer and Dr. Riek Machar have cast some doubts on this understanding of the sense of judgment of the Doctorate holders.

Just towards the end of last year and beginning of this year, I read the literary salvos being fired by Dr. Bior Kwer Bior Jr against Dr. John Garang’s family, the political detainees in Juba and anybody else who has taken their time to assess where the truth lies in south Sudan’s privations. I was so distraught that this giant and pre-eminent South Sudanese scholar took to the internet to exchange the literary pugilism. How devoid of ideals and how ignoble is the whole contemporary system! The fact that scholars like Dr. Bior join in committing this sin against the image of intellectuals, even though they continue to emphasize the dignity of that image, is quite in keeping with his present activities. He talks about the just government measures, but fails to acknowledge the atrocities it has perpetrated against its own constituents.

However, Dr. Bior is not a man willing to run away from controversy. He seems to relish controversy, not that this really matters. But what is difficult to explain is his choice of the above victims as the epicentre of his controversy. I am quite aware that scholarship knows no bounds, and that true academics are citizens of the world. No area of study or the world is taboo to their microscopic scrutiny. The only pain, however, is the distortion of facts, the positing of imaginary theories that bear no similarity with reality, and the throwing of truth, objectivity, and humanism to the mongrels. Dr. Bior has recently been guilty of the latter.

Kut Alier Apollo5
He compartmentalized the major South Sudan tribes into ‘vocational groups,’ by overlooking the big picture, using the mentioned victims as his slogan of scrutiny; he has vigorously encouraged the injection of “cell anatomy” into the legal system (although South Sudan is far from stem cell technology and its controversies.) leave the legal matters and interpretation of the statutes to the legal minds, they need not be approached literally only, a single sentence can alter the case!!

In the course of finding out what makes Dr. Bior tick, I discovered that he is a lecturer at John Garang University, Jonglei State; a confidant to Prof. Aggrey (former chancellor of that university) and had courted the so-called mighty and powerful in the state and Juba as well. Thus, Dr. Bior believes that south Sudan is well known to him so much that he wants to be a part of the history that is reshaping it. One has no doubt that Dr. Bior, being the intellectual that he projects to be, knows that South Sudan and its government is sick to the bones. His friends rule South Sudan and virtually brought it to her knees. Could it be that Dr. Bior is part and parcel of those who are bleeding South Sudan? Is this why his lenses are blurred; his sense of truth and humanism perverted and one-sided? Only God knows the answer.

Otherwise, how can Dr. Bior be so open and willing to be surrounded by the military kleptomaniacs’ mentality, which is virtually paralyzing South Sudan? If Dr. Bior were indeed an academic of high repute, would he not have been introspective about the source of $ 4,000,000,000.00 (that’s a four with a hell lot of zeros) to South Sudan, and its sudden disappearance among 75 public officials and other grassroots beneficiaries? Is it out of place for Dr. Bior to see the inverse logic of having a lecture series in John Garang University, whilst most South Sudanese Universities, including his teaching post, are just like glorified high schools? Needless to say that his powerful friends contributed in no little way in making university education unattractive in South Sudan. Something isn’t right. There is more than meets the eye!

Without a doubt, Dr. Bior with his penchant for controversy, determination to covertly mesh in an illogical way ethnicity, politics, and education, is not doing a favour to the cause of scholarship. Rather than continue on the path to illuminate by being a beacon of objectivity, strong moral character, and humanism; Dr. Bior instead has settled for the very antithesis of what a distinguished Doctorate holder should be. “Tell it not in Gath”, it appears that Dr. Bior is heading towards the fate that befell and awaiting some of his ‘mighty friends’ in the Government. History indeed has not informed the Dr.

Kut Alier Apollo

Kut Alier Apollo, with his uncle, Abel Alier Kuai Kut, Nairobi, Kenya

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  1. Lam Wuor says:

    TO: UNCHR Canada, Calgary Chapter
    Associate Executive Officer: Rada Krnjaja-Howe
    By Lam Wuor
    UNMISS is only optional for civilians protection in south Sudan,
    The purpose of this letter is to address the recent misuse of the name of the South Sudanese Association in Calgary in an unsanctioned March 24, 2014 rally in downtown Calgary. This rally was against the UNMISS operations in South Sudan. The views expressed in this protest do not reflect the views of the South Sudanese Association in Calgary, but rather the misuse of the name of our association by individuals of the Dinka nationality supporting the ongoing genocide of Nuer civilians in South Sudan.
    We the South Sudanese Association in Calgary wish to express our deepest gratitude to the UNMISS and UNCHR for their operations in our native South Sudan. UN food aid, education, and resettlement programs have helped save and improve the lives of countless thousands. Since the December 15, 2013 wave of ethnic cleansing began, UNMISS compounds in the capitals of Unity State, Upper Nile, and Jongeli: Bentiu, Malakal, Juba and Bor, have served as the sole refuge for civilians fleeing government sponsored door to door raids on the Nuer ethnicity. To date an estimated 6,500 men, women and children have lost their lives. Outside UMISS walls Nuer civilians have been subject to firing squads. Many of these individuals were distinguished professionals: Civil Servants, Jurists, and Doctors. Among them, University of Calgary graduate Doctors without Borders MD, Dr. Thomas Lul, killed February 13, 2014 in a government sponsored raid. Sadly, his death has been incorrectly reported as a casualty of crossfire by South Sudan state sponsored media.
    As of January 31st an estimated 84,000 civilians have taken shelter in UNMISS compounds across the country. That number is set to grow as fighting continues. What is more, as a result of the prolonged fighting, US Aide estimates 695,000 people have been displaced and a famine for the 2014 year now looms over the affected Nuer areas of Unity and Uppernile State as farmers cannot plant. In the ongoing genocide, the presence of the UNMISS is vital to the preservation of human life in South Sudan. However, Canada has been activity involved with the United Nations since its establishment in 1945. Since then Canadian peacekeepers have contributed in almost every particular peacekeeping task. However, the role of Canadian diplomacy was to bring peace and solidity between combatant nations. In case of south Sudan now Canada’s role in the United Nations is slowly while their involved into south Sudan settlement is highly needed.
    We sincerely thank you for your organization’s presence in South Sudan and encourage your organization to strengthen current operations to the goal of preserving and improving the lives of the South Sudanese people.
    Lam Wuor
    The author is deputy Secretary of the South Sudanese Community in Calgary and graduate from faculty of sociology at Mourn Royal University


  2. Malith Alier says:

    your article is not any better than the Doctor’s. you harshly criticised him but offer no way forward in the current Jonglei predicaments. I think the Doctor was clear on the division of Jonglei and this is the way forward for all of us the citizens of the beleaguered state. Since Greater Pibor is given its own state so be the other greater Bor, Fangak and any other area that aspires to be independent of the current messes of killings, abduction, animal raids which crown our underdevelopment. The current government in Juba has been making fatal mistakes however, the current agreement with Yau Yau has gone too far. It therefore, the right of every Jonglei citizen to demand separateness if that is what we need.


  3. Kon Kelei says:

    Mr. Kuot Alier,
    I read your article with care and interest, specially when I saw a paragraph on objectivity and facts. Unfortunately, I could not find the facts narrated by as an attempt to correct the guilty Dr. Bior as you state it. On the same token, I also fail to see or read any objectivity in your writing. So one wanders, what was you trying to correct.

    I have also understood that this is an old article. Why was it reposted?


  4. Kon Kelei says:

    Apologies for wrong spellings…..

    I mean to say “facts narrated by you as an attempt….”
    I also mean to say “one wonder, in stead of of wander”


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