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One Hyena defeats five strong, long horns bulls

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BY David Aoloch Bion

Lived five bulls in forest

One red bull,

One white bull

One brown bull,

One black bull

One spotted black white bull

Hyena attacked them one night

Bulls chased away hyena

Hyena attacked them another night

They chased away

In noon, hyena came to conversed with bulls

One bull asked why he attacked at night

‘’because of white bull’’ said hyena

‘’what if not here’’

‘’I will not attack you’’

Hyena left

In evening four bulls told

White bull `to leave because of

‘’you’’ hyena attacked   ‘’us’’

White left and stayed alone

Hyena attacked him

And ate him

Days passed,

Hyena attacked at night

Bulls chased him away

In noon came hyena to converse

One bull asked him why he attacked them

‘’because of red bull’’

‘’what if not here’’

‘’I will not attack you’’

Hyena left

In evening, three bulls told

Red bull to leave because

‘’you ‘’ hyena attacked ‘’us’’

Red bull left and stayed alone

Hyena attacked him

And ate him

Days passed

Hyena attacked three bulls

They chased hyena away

In noon hyena came to converse

One bull asked why he attacked at night

‘’Because of spotted black white bull, of his colours I see you’’

‘’What if not here’’

‘’I will not attack you’’

Hyena left

In evening,

Two bulls told spotted bull to leave

Because of ‘’him’’ hyena attacked ‘’us’’

Spotted bull left and stayed alone

Hyena attacked him

Attacked him

Ate him

Days passed

Hyena attacked two bulls

They chased him away

In noon hyena came to converse

Black bull why he attacked at night

‘’because of brown bull’’

‘’What if not here’’

‘’I will not attack you

Hyena left

In evening black bull told

Brown bull to leave him

Because of ‘’ him’’ hyena

Hyena him

Brown bull left

Stayed alone

Hyena attacked him

Ate him

At second night

Hyena attacked black bull

Ate him

Writing in Hyenaica hieroglyphic

The Hyena drew by claws on sand

‘’one wise hyena

Defeats five strong long sharp horn bull’’’

I know cut one’s branch by one’s axe

Posted: June 17, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in David Aoloch, Poems.

By David Aoloch Bion

In noon

The man took axe


Sat on the branch of tree

Started to cut

The same branch

He sat on

Someone warned him

‘’you’re cutting your branch

You sit on, you’ll fall down’’

‘’I know’’

The   man replied

And continued cutting branch

Another person warned

‘’you’re cutting your branch

You sit on, you’ll fall down’’

‘’I know ‘’

The man replied

And continued cutting branch

In the blink,

The branch cut

The man fell down

Badly broke his

In the groan of thigh

He wrote on

Leaves of branches

On the bough, he writes

‘’once you cut the branch

You can’t fix it again’’

On first leaf, he writes

‘’I know

Cut one’s waist’’

On second leaf, he writes

‘’I know,

Broke one’s thigh’’

On third leaf, he writes

‘’I know

Cut one’s branch’’

On fourth leaf, he writes

‘’ I know

Cut one’s waist by one’s axe’’

On fifth leaf, he writes

‘’ I know

Cut one’s branch by one’s axe’’

An Ambush at Ashwa Bridge 1994

Posted: June 17, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in David Aoloch

By David Aoloch Bion

The SPLA laid ambush in May 1994

The soil riches in virginity

The trees happy

The leaves darker and greener

The flowers fragrant and buddy

The grasses danced with the breeze beautifully

The animals grazed here and there

The birds singing and perching here and there

The insects floating here and there

The hisses, roars, croaks, trumpets, bellows, chuckles here and there

The soldiers laid in waylay

Each soldier feeling and thinking was alone

Those other soldiers might have withdrawn

But the Commander kept briefing and updating them each minute

In hiding position, there was changing of hideout after hideout

Some soldiers complained of

Their position being visible, unsaved and

Vulnerable, so, they changed to low and safe positions

After 18 hours of waiting for pending eminent attack,

The first enemy sign was long range missiles flying above

And exploding behind an ambush line

The shelling continued for four hours

Armoured vehicles rolling in slow motion

Dik, dik, dik, dik, dik, dik, dik ……………………………

The testicles of some men contracted and flinched

And became kidneys in the stomach, fear

Descended like night

The hearts beat cowardly

When they imagined a bullet hitting their heads

An enemy appeared 400 meters away,

The Commander fired the salvo “tak – tummb”

And the rest responded

………, rop, boum   rop, dum , rop, rop … doum …………

The men gained their emotions …

Their bravery rose again like the sun of clear morning

This was the first attack at 7: 00 am

The enemy repelled

An enemy left bleeding

The animals, birds and insects left their beautiful habitat

The gunpowder remained black on leaves, flowers, grasses and sand

After three hours regrouping and reorganizing

An enemy launched the second attack at 9: 00 am

The enemy repelled

An enemy left with a bloodier bleeding

The trees and grasses were drying up

The leaves were falling down

The third attack was at 1: 00 pm

The fourth attack was at 3: 00 pm

The fifth attack was at 7: 00 pm

The enemy left but no verbs and

Adjectives to describe the scene

SPLA oyeee, the Victors oyeee….

Reply of the Leader of Minority to the Speech of President Salva Kiir

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Reply of the Leader of Minority to the Speech of H. E. the President of the Republic of South Sudan at the opening of the First Session of the National Legislature, 2014.

Rt. Hon. Speaker Sir,

Hon. Members,

In accordance with article 71 (2) (b) of the Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan, 2011 read together with section 9 (3) of the conduct of Business Regulations, of South Sudan National Legislative Assembly, 2011, allow me to have this opportunity to salute You and Hon. Members after returning from their Constituencies where they were mobilizing and preaching peace, Unity and Reconciliation.

Also I would like to thank H. E. the President of the Republic of South Sudan for his wonderful address to the Nation and the World at large through this august House on matters pertaining to Peace and Reconciliation.

Rt. Hon. Speaker,

Hon. Members,

We would like to appreciate the recognition of H. E. the President, the cooperation and role played by this August House in defending our Constitution and Norms of the democratic practices. It is worth mentioning that our gallant forces were and are still committed to the protection of our constitution and the territorial integrity of this nation. We need to appreciate and thank them for their good work.

We commend the commitment of H. E. the President for his approach to a peaceful resolution to the current armed conflict which is devastating our country. More lives have been lost, properties looted and destroyed. Most of the government and private infrastructure were brought down to ashes.

We call upon the two parties to the conflict to respect the Cessation of Hostilities they signed so that the guns are silent to save lives and properties and to create conducive atmosphere for inclusive national dialogue.

We congratulate the government, the mediators and the SSDM/ A Cobra Faction on the conclusion of the Peace Agreement on Greater Pibor. It is high time for us to forgive one another and do justice to ourselves so that we move forward to building our young nation. When we are deeply committed to lasting reconciliation and peace, we can turn our energies towards rebuilding our economy, our families and our new country.

Rt. Hon Speaker,

Hon. Members,

It is good that we admit our failure which the President thinks were deliberately planned and carried out by some of his comrades resulting in violence and hatred in our young nation. Our understanding the truth of the past events is a crucial factor in reconciliation. Therefore we need to correct our mistakes and accept each other to live together in peace and harmony as brothers and sisters on the basis of equal citizenship.

We commend the appeal of the President to all people and the Rebels for the forgiveness of one another and to come together for true reconciliation and to join hands to work in unity and understanding. The State and Nation building processes are the biggest challenges for us as leaders of this new nation. Therefore, we have to bring on boat each and every community to participate effectively in the decisions that affect their destiny.

We appreciate the IGAD mediators and the international community for their commitment to reaching a political agreement between the government and the rebels that will lead to a permanent cease fire that may lead to the formation of the Interim Government of National Unity.

Rt. Hon. Speaker,

Hon. Members,

Let me seize this opportunity to congratulate H. E. President Salva Kiir Mayardid and the rebel leader Dr. Riak Machar for reaching an agreement to end the conflict by agreeing to complete the dialogue process within the coming sixty days and their commitment again to the already signed agreement. This will lead to the establishment of a transitional government of national unity and a permanent cease fire. We hope both sides will be committed to the implementation of this new agreement for the common good of our people.

The deployment of the new Regional forces under the UN mandate for the protection of the teams of monitors to ensure the implementation of the Cessation of Hostilities and the protection of civilians as well as the economic installations is most welcome by all.

We appreciate the role of UNMISS in hosting and protecting thousands of our citizens who were displaced by the current conflict. We join hands with the government in welcoming the Security Council Resolution by extending the present term of UNMISS with new mandate for six months in South Sudan.

Rt. Speaker,

Hon. Members,

Some areas of priorities, which H. E. the President identified in the coming budget 2014/2015 lack details. For example, how many health centers and educational facilities will be set up or rehabilitated in the 2014/2015 fiscal year budget and Where? This is needed for easy monitoring and accountability. The figures of health need to be stated not only in percentage but also in absolute terms. What are the current figures on child mortality and maternal mortality rates?

The response to the outbreak of cholera in the country by the government with the support of the International Partners is appreciated. But the government needs to double its efforts to contain this deadly contagious disease. Raising awareness and establishment of treatment centers is not enough. We have to open centers for vaccinations and more teams to move in the residential areas as well as public sectors. More vaccine is needed to enable the government to move out in a large campaign against cholera. Provision of clean but treated water is essential to all our citizens to reduce spread of this disease.

This applies to roads also. How many Kilo meters of roads are going to be constructed in the statement of H. E. the President and where? Are they going to be tarmac roads? We need to be serious in connecting our main towns to the national capital either by roads or river.

Supporting Agriculture is a good policy that has come nine years late. It is important to plan carefully how to get the best out of this area which should be the mainstay of our economy. We appreciate one thousand tractors contributed by the President, but to whom were they given? And five million South Sudanese pounds allocated to the ministry of agriculture in our opinion should be given to the Agriculture Bank of South Sudan to avail seeds to our farmers. We want to say things connected with boosting the Agriculture, be channeled through Agriculture Bank for transparency and easy accountability. We are also calling for immediate establishment of the Board of Directors and appointment of General Managing Director of Agriculture Bank since we passed the law of Agriculture Bank long time ago.

The efforts on food security to avert the predicted famine in the Country, needs the government to commit itself to taking action through strategies and programmes aiming to reduce hunger and eliminate the famine. Right to food is realized when every woman, man, and child alone or in community with others has physical and economic access at all times to adequate food or means for it. Therefore, it is the duty of the government to provide food to our citizens all over the country.

We want to add our voices to thank the government of Norway and other International communities for their pledges for raising more funds in response to humanitarian crisis in support for our IDPs and Refugees.

We would also like to urge the government to negotiate with the government of Sudan, the status of our people to be considered refugees status in Sudan for them to get humanitarian support from the International organizations.

Rt. Hon. Speaker,

Hon. Member,

The statement of H. E. the President is silent on job creation and employment opportunities for our youth who are out of jobs despite their good qualifications. Most of the problems of insecurity we are facing now are caused by unemployment. The government should come out with clear policies and plans on job creation and pensions. Pensions should be improved to encourage those employees over seventy years to voluntarily opt for retirement, hence vacate positions for the youth employment.

Another issue the president did not address is compensation, many people lost their properties, and their houses were destroyed or burnt down to ashes. What are the government plans on the compensation of people and the traders, whose properties were looted and are now vulnerable?

The construction of Fula Rapid Hydro electric power which the President has announced is good news to us. But we do not know how South Sudan can start to export hydropower to the region when most of the country has no power. We think this will encourage and promote the empowerment of our rural communities socially and economically. It will encourage agro-industries and foreign investors to come and promote investment in the country opening chances for employment of our youth.

One of the government priorities is the payment of salaries. It is very unfortunate that most of people and some of our national army including some other organized forces, did not receive their salaries since February, 2014. We do not know whether the President knows this or not because he should have directed the Minister of Finance for the payment of the Salaries. We know that the present crises have affected our country socially, politically and economically. Still it is the duty of the government to motivate people so that they can defend and render services to the country.

Rt. Hon. Speaker,

Hon. Members,

Apart from a few references to some ministries or so, the statement of the President did not deal with a detailed plan for all the ministries. This is essential because it is against that plan that the government’s performance can be measured and on the basis of these that the budget proposal is formulated. This will enable the august House to monitor the activities of the executive as an oversight function.

In conclusion, we are grateful to the commitment of the President that he is for peace and development. The main focus of the President speech is to engage with all the people to develop programmes that will deal with the past and help pave the way for our divided communities to be reconciled.

As the representatives of the people, we need to join hands and work together for peace, reconciliation and building trust. We are all human beings that ultimately want the same things; love, acceptance, human connection and peace. When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live in peace with others. Now let me end up with what Colin Powell said to African Americans at Howard University in 1994, “Our future lies in the philosophy of love and understanding and caring and building. Not of Hatred and tearing down.” End the quote.


Thank you for Listening

Onyoti Adigo Nyikwec

The Leader of Minority

National Legislature.