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South Sudan child prostitution on the rise

Posted: June 30, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

Juba, South Sudan Child prostitution in Juba continues to rise as an increasing number of unaccompanied minors and street children risk getting trafficked or abused , due to the country ‘ s most recent conflict. Mary*, a 14-year-old girl, said: “I have nobody in Juba, so I ended up here at the lodge [brothel] to make a little bit of money.” A Dinka from Bor, whose father died a few years ago, she lost contact with her mother, and was taken to Juba by distant relatives. Like many other girls, she was introduced to prostitution by friends. Susan*, another 14-year-old orphan who works in Serikat market, says she cannot live off prostitution yet because of her young age. “I cannot take more than 3 men per day … even then I must sometimes rest for a few days.” Up to 500 girls out of Juba’s estimated 3,000 street children could be engaged in child prostitution. A survey conducted in September 2013 by Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC) and the French embassy found that 31 percent of 159 street girls surveyed were victims of commercial sexual exploitation. Last week, a report issued by the US State Department claimed that child prostitution in South Sudan is on the rise .   “The level of displacement has really increased the risk of how many children are exposed to potential trafficking. Lots of children have lost family support and are at greater risk of being exploited,” a US embassy official told Al Jazeera. Although 2013 data suggests that over 90 percent  of Juba’s sex workers are foreign women from neighbouring countries such as Uganda, Kenya or the Democratic Republic of the Congo, many returned to their home countries when fighting broke out at the end of last year. Young South Sudanese girls started to fill the void in a growing market, partly fuelled by the increased presence of soldiers around Juba, aid agencies say.

Peaceful coexistence: How the Equatorians got it right!

Posted: June 30, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary

By Dr Peter Kopling,  South Sudan

The formulas to peaceful coexistence among all tribes in South Sudan already exist. The formulas for bloodshed and destructive coexistence between the tribes in South Sudan do also exist, it comes down to understanding these two paths and deciding what is it that our country needs most and which choice will get us there. The responses to these two choices are already in plain view and we only need to look no farther than within our communities and we shall discover it has been there all along! The bitter truth must be told, South Sudan has two regions, one that is stable and stabilizing and the other unstable and destructive. All we need to do is decide what we want, do we want peace, if this be the case then all we need to study are the stable and peaceful regions to see how they do it, how they live with each other, how they treat each other’s lands, neighboring tribes and their belongings to include lands.
If we want a conflicting South Sudan then all we need to do is study the way of life, perception of life and mindset of the unstable region of our nation. How they treat each other, and how they treat all that is important to them and their neighboring tribes. There can never be peace if we do not take time to understand what is important for others and instead impose our cultural ways on others in their respective ancestral lands. Colonialism tried this and failed! We are many nations under one, the fact that must not be ignored and the more reason it must be understood and approached delicately not with arrogance.
Without any doubt the Equatorian region emerged as the stable and peaceful part of South Sudan, while the Jiengs land, the destructive part of the Country.
Predating December 2013, the Jiengs land had numerous insurgencies already against the infant government. So we need to study the prevailing mentalities in the Jiengs land and avoid this if we are to survive as a nation and we must prevent them from exporting these raw materials of death to other parts of South Sudan.
The honest truth is even if the Jiengs region were to announce today their desire to split and form a different country or join the Jalabas, believe you me, the rest of South Sudan will breath a shay and will not beg them to remain as part of the united South Sudan and the Jiengs nation will only end up tearing each other down as long as they maintain their current predatory mentality of glorifying bloodshed and vilifying peacefulness. It must be pointed out the Equatorian region has numerous tribes of totally different cultures and mentalities although the Jiengs mischievously and derogatorily tend to refer to the Equatorians as if they are a single tribe!
But what they do not realize is they are acknowledging the fact that Equatorians have achieved brotherhood among the different tribes despite of their diversity, which must serve as a role model for South Sudan, if there is still any hope for us to exist as a nation! What is commonly shared by majority of these Equatorian tribes however is that Godliness and goodness which is praised rather than savagery of bloodshed, disregards to the sacredness of human life misnomer by the Jiengs as bravery.
Equatorian tribes know their ancestral boundaries and they respect these boundaries while the Jiengs have nomadic mindsets! It seems they can go away from their ancestral land and never even miss them, and even bury their national hero away from home with cynical implications! The Equatorian tribes respect the cultures of one another but more so each tribe loves their ancestral land as they love themselves! One’s very existence for Equatorian tribes are indistinguishable with one’s ancestral lands!
The land is where your father and forefathers are buried, time immemorial! It is what gives meaning to your existence and to life, it is what gives you food, it is also what gives you fishing and hunting’s rights, thus the land is sacred in Equatorian tribes, wars were fought in the past to protect and preserve them not cows, it is on this basis Equatorian initiated the war of independence to preserve this ownership and rights. Just as the Jiengs protect their cows at all costs, they compose songs to their cows because this is their lifeline, their attachment to their lands does not carry the same significance as to Equatorian just as Equatorian attachments to cows is not the same as among the Jiengs who look at the land as a place for their cows to graze.
Equatorians look at their land as a place that gives them life but also that holds the meaning of their very existence and the ancestral souls and their bones are laid at rest in these lands. Thus it is very customary in most Equatorian tribes; they will go at great costs and heavy expenses to return the remains of their sons and daughters to be buried in their ancestral land among their ancestors for their souls to rest in peace otherwise will keep wandering around until rituals are performed to bring them to their ancestral home and into the family! This return of the dead sons and daughters of the land is from as far as the Americas!
Thus the significance of land for Equatorian has no equivalent in the Jiengs culture. Our Lands are more than the cows to Jiengs! To ignore and belittle the protectiveness of Equatorian with their ancestral land is to belittle their very existence in South Sudan thus to breed disunity! Unity is indeed the natural result of respect of these things; supreme of them is land, for which we fought the Jalaba for 50 years! This is why we fell off with the Jalabas, how different if not worst are the Jiengs compare to the Jalabas in disregarding ancestral and tribal rights to lands, thus falling off will be a natural consequence unless we are saved by mutual respect AKA Federalism?
Now with these thousands of years of practice of land protections how do the Equatorian relate to each other’s tribe, and land without much of the violence found in the Dinka lands? You will not find a group of Muru’s or Kuku going to Acholi land and lay claim of an area in Acholi heartland as their own land in disregard to the Acholis, for in the first place why will the Murus do this since they love their ancestral land and are tied spiritually to their lands and people? You will not see any group of Equatorian moving to other territory, forming their own chiefdom and tribal system in other people’s tribal land!
So is there or there is no Kokora between Equatorian tribes although they are many tribes not the same ones? The answer is NO! Migration happens freely and often but on an individual or family basis! Never a whole village uprooting themselves to go occupy the tribal lands of others in the name of whatever is promised to them by whoever! In the first place they will oppose such propositions, which they know outright breeds fights, deaths, and disrupts peace!
When an individual or Muru family decides to move to Acholi land, once they get there, they are always welcomed warmly as guests; they then live by the local norms and customs, as do the owners of the land! They respect the locals and do not insult them as cowards or call them names such as Nyamnyam or we fought the Jalabas here so now we earned the right to be here. For you cannot visit your brother’s house, while he is hosting you, and start to insult his wife, abuse his children and expect to not be kicked out of your brother’s house simply because he is your brother!
Having fought for independence can not be used to dislodge others from their ancestral land otherwise it was not a war of independence but rather a war of Dinka expansionism and colonization, Otherwise it was not a war against the Jalaba but rather against the Equatorian for their lands. Being in a relative’s house comes with first recognizing it is not your house but that of your brother, and you also have yours and you are a visitor which comes with responsibility of being beneficial to your host and not being a parasite or affecting your host negatively neither altering his way of life!
Indeed once an Equatorian moves to on other’s tribal territory, he learns the local language, he eats the local food, he practice the local tradition and become essentially one of the local tribe in another words becomes assimilated not disruptive and boastful! If he does not have appreciations of the new tribe he moves to, he simply stays back in his ancestral land and among his people not impose himself on the other tribe, making others miserable just as he is. This is how peace is maintained among the tribes in Equatoria! No one tribe forcefully settle or grab someone else ancestral land equivalent of cattle rustling in the Jiengs land. This Jiengs government engineers the recent land strife we witnessed between the sisterly tribes of the Acholis and the Ma’dis!
The irony is, those who have no culture of peace try to preach peace to those who are peaceful! Those who have no notion, leave alone, the experience of peaceful intertribal coexistence try to forge what they called building a national identity, which is a red herring for ethnic cleansing given they have neither respect nor appreciation for other tribes thus leading to the Dinkanization project now ongoing to uproot other tribes from their ancestral land! Their war against the Nuer is part and partial of this.
They have no understanding other than that of nomadic life style leading them to preach if we are one nation then all ancestral boundaries are to be erased to allow them to practice their nomadic lifestyle at the expenses of others, from North to South and from east to west that are none Nomadic! This nomadic mindset and the revenge on Equatorian for Kokora are what drives then,even embedded in the Jieng written transitional constitutions. It is thus only the Jiengs that trespasses all over South Sudan in disregards to other peoples backyard and they have no understanding why this is causing aches for their fellow countrymen, the Equatorian in particular, for this trespassing is in Keeping with Nomadic lifestyle which is never to be nationalized unless to our own perils for all we need to see is what it has done to the Dinkaland from which they are fleeing!!!
In the Jiengs lands, the cow reign supreme, and whoever can, will steal what he does not have in the process, shedding human blood! Thus it is a culture of thieves and bloodshed utterly incompatible with the prevailing Equatorian cultures! Indeed if there is any hope for the Jiengs, they must become like Equatorian, Hold human lives above cows life and the love for ancestral lands supreme above the love for cows. How can you love others if you do not love yourselves more than your love for animals? In essence the federalism we are debating about is already practiced in Equatoria, each individual loving his family, tribes, their ancestral land, protecting it and building it, but also very much respecting that which belongs to other tribes, for if you caused them to lose theirs, someone else will cause you to lose yours.
Each individual, not an entire clan, tribe or bulk of people, is free to move to any part of eqautorian region and remain what sh/e is or take the identity and culture of the tribe that hosts him/her, no one forces, insights, neither prevents him/her to make this choice and sh/e in turn do not try to change the ways of, annihilate or obliterate other tribes. The hope and formulae for South Sudanese unity is already being practice in Equatoria! It has been here all this time and no one seems to recognize it. This is the model for South Sudan and federalism thus makes sense to Equatorian because it is already what they practice and what has given them peaceful coexistence, how they relate to each other on the basis of recognizing each other’s tribes and tribal lands, what is important to them and respecting each other in all aspects!
Federalism gives power to the individuals, people and regions! The government respects the people rather than the other way round; Master- slave relations.
Those who are opposed to this are those who want the people to worship the government and those who want to use the power of the government to impose on others and have no respects for other peoples’ cultures, way of life, aspirations and their lands.
The true brotherhood we all want is based on the model found in Equatoria and the intertribal relationships that exists in Equatoria for centuries. This is the case then no one has to fear Kokora happening due to federalism, there is no Kokora among Equatorian tribes, what makes it so? If loving your ancestral land and letting others do the same is Kokora then, so be it! If dislodging others from their ancestral land is what it takes to form a nation to the benefit of one tribe then is it any wonders that such is now heading straight to hell in our very eyes?
For in mutual respect is peace, not in master slave relation and others relinquishing their natural possessions and rights. Mutual respect has worked in Equatoria and they coexist peacefully! One fact is clear, if there is federalism or not, the respect for land must reign supreme and the schemes for land thieving and dominance must come to an end, as long as this does not happen there shall be no peace in South Sudan, There shall only be oppressors and the oppressed!
If we truly want a land of the free, prosperity and justice for all then the tool to achieve this is federalism and encouraging the life styles of the Equatorian tribes. Think of this as the relationship between you and your brother who is married and has his own house and cows, just as you! You respect his wife, children and property and he in turn respect yours. When he takes care of his house, it is not in opposition to you! Simply, you need to do the same for yours, for brotherhood does not negate your responsibility to your personal house. Just because you are brothers does not mean you need to merge houses and not having individual homes in pretense of fear of Kokora.
Mutual respect is how you keep brotherhood not by taking his wives forcefully or milking his cows forcefully in the name of brotherhood! Federalism thus gives all South Sudanese, not just some, that power to protect one’s own house and decide what is for breakfast rather being dictated by the self proclaimed big brother, in the current system, regardless of who, will always be the oppressor! South Sudan is ready for peace, which equals federalism; to say south Sudan is not ready for federalism is to say those who are having the lion share of the goodies are not ready to let it go and grant South Sudanese; Equality, justice, Liberty, prosperity for all and thus peace!
Without federalism in South Sudan, there shall only be oppressors and the oppressed!

Dr. Peter Kopling, MD




I strongly believed you have your very own biological children. If not now you will have them in your near future. Madam Regina, there is a novel called “A family with no daughter is like a river without source”. I heard it and read it in the news, that a 14 years old female child who have not yet had her first menstruation period, according to science is serving more than five men, I mean having a sexual contacts with men three times her age in Juba’s brothels, the capital city of my motherland, South Sudan.

Dear Madam,

Many natural disasters like flood and drought, extreme scarcity of food  and man-made disasters like civil wars and massacres had happened long before South Sudan become an Independent state. Before our families were introduce to money, at a time when our sixty four tribes of South Sudan exchange goods for goods, at a time when none of us know how to uses electricity, when firewoods were source of our energy, when cattle were everything we have. Madam Regina, Child prostitution has never been operating business, even when our country was under Arab. The few prostitutes I heard were mature enough to decide whether to be one or not.

Dear Madam

A fourteen years old female child, who is serving those rich men three times her age, is the one who will be in that position you are in now when she become adult. Apparently she have no education, she have no official address, she is not being well-cared for, she is not being protected, she sleeps in the street with no guidance to tell her the history of our country’s long struggle, what our martyrs have sacrifices their lives for. Madam Regina, by they time you will grow old, with no more energy to serve the country, you will have no one to carry your legacy. Not because there are no females to do so, but because they were not well prepare to take oath on your behave.

Dear Madam Regina

I can assure you, and I need to be specific. I am from Dinka Tribe. In Dinka’s culture, female child is adore and cherish by many people for many reasons. No family in Dinka’s culture can abandon an orphan female child because the family cannot look after her no more. One can sacrifices his or her own sweat to look after her, knowing that what he or she invest to bring this little girl up is what he or she will be rewarded in the near future when the girl become a grown up women. The reward can be inform of dowries or from the girl herself. Many families do it to keep their families in shape believing that a deceased person can be survived by his kids when they are well look after by their remain relatives.

Dear Madam Regina.

If it is true that “A family without daughter is like a river without source” then what is the source of our Country? “Why are you robbing us with generation” why are you allowing our female leaders to live and die in shame. Did anyone of you politicians ever ask why these girls become orphans at the first place? wouldn’t you think their parents might have died as soldiers or victim of civilians’s wars cause by you politician? If government did not provide you with funding, under your position can you not be able to find a group of volunteers that can enforces laws and orders to protect these kids? why is police targeting them instead of the business owners? Do you know how shameful is that for our government and our brand new country?

Dear Madam Regina

I did not mean to bombarded you with questions but I thought throwing up my burning questions into the air will saved my heart from breaking into pieces. Today I realised I have no reason to continue believing in rekindling my root, because I know I will have no one to build the remaining part of the country with. I have no younger sisters to lead and inspire.

Dear Madam Regina

From today I know my country is indeed a fail state. Fail state is a state that have failed to protect a fourteen years old female child from being sexual abused by mature age men and forcefully expose to the most shameful business in the history of our beloved nation. Fail state is a state that has failed to provide food and shelter to  the orphan kids. Dear Madam, I thought South Sudan was developing. When I see those tall building in the heart of Juba city, politicians’ kids in a million dollar mansions and in privates schools and millionaires business men and women in soon to be three years old state, I thought everyone was well off and only that the differences were in salaries. I never knew small kids were starving to the point of becoming prostitutes.

Dear Madam Regina.

It is true that “wonders will never end” If it is not true that wonders will never end then please! Please! Please!, For the sake of humanity, the sake of orphan kids, the sake of our country, we need laws to protect these innocent kids. I urge and called upon all South Sudan civil society organisations to join hands and fight Child prostitutions. It is better to die a civilian than a prostitute. The generation we fought for are living us behind. They are dying before us. Madam Regina, please save our children.

@ Amer Mayen Dhieu, Brisbane, Australia.

she can be reach through her Facebook page; Amer Mayen Dhieu.