Lies Versus Truth Propagates by Mabior Garang and Adwok Nyaba

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Lies versus Truth: Despite Dr Peter Aduok and Mabior Garang ‘’ Appeal to Fear ‘’, the Truth will finish putting on it shoes

By David Aoloch Bion

“A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes’’ …..Mark Twain

Fighting broke out on December 15, 2013 in South Sudanese capital, Juba. On December 16 in the afternoon, President Salva Kiir announced it was a coup. In the evening the same day on BBC focus on Africa , former Minister of Education ,Dr Peter Aduok Nyaba ,using his persuasive powers he acquired in philosophy , he launched the coup plotters propaganda . He applied the ‘’ appeal to fear and pity ‘’ fallacy in propaganda

Propaganda is always communication aim at influencing the attitude of the community toward some cause or position by presenting only one side of the argument, it presents the facts selectively, that is by lying or omission to encourage a particular cause or uses loaded messages to produce an emotional rather than reasonable response to information presented .it is form of ideological warfare.

On BBC World Service, Mr .Aduok dismissed Mr . Kiir’s coup version of the event , he said there was no coup , but mutiny triggered by the disarming of Nuer soldiers by the Dinka soldiers , in the ensuing fighting 20, 000 Nuer women and children were killed in door to door searches . This is what Mr. Aduok told the BBC

‘’yesterday in the evening ,President Salva Kiir ordered Maj Gen .Marial Ciennoung, commander of the Presidential Guard (The Tiger Battalion) to leave the meeting venue and return to the barracks to disarm the troops. After disarming all ethnicities within the guard, Marial ordered that the Dinka members be re-armed. The officer in charge of the weapons stores opened them and rearmed only the Dinka soldiers. A Nuer soldier passing by questioned this and a fistfight then ensued between the two and attracted the attention of the commander and his deputy to the scene. His deputy, from the Nuer ethnicity, began to question this order too and a fight ensued when surrounding officers saw the commotion. The Nuer soldiers also re-armed themselves. Fighting erupted between the Dinka elements of the Presidential Guard and the Nuer elements.. Civilian casualties began when the Dinka elements of the SPLA began targeting Nuer civilians in the capital city of Juba , killing 20 000 Nuer women and children in door to door execution. This is not a coup but a mutiny ‘’

On December 18, Dr Riek echoed Mr Aduok version by coining it as the Juba Massacre of 20, 000 Nuer women and children without giving any details

What Mr Aduok did is an ‘’ appeal to fear and pity ‘’ fallacy and nonsense in the argument and propaganda. The appeal to fear propaganda seeks to build support by instilling anxieties and panic in general population. Indeed, the false claim of killing of 20, 000 Nuer women and children caused fear and panic among the Nuer . This force the Nuer to rise up in self –defense against the imaginary enemy Dinka. This was the reason the Nuer in the name of White Army mobilized themselves voluntarily to come to Juba to avenge.

The question is, Are the 20, 000 Nuer women and children killed in Juba? Time will separate propaganda and lies from facts and truth

What Mr Aduok did was what the Germany Minister of Propaganda, Mr Joseph Goebbel did during World War 2 , when he exploited Theodore Kaufman fictitious story ‘’ Germany must perish ‘’ . This was to claim the Allies sought the extermination of the Germany people.

Now the rebels are claiming that the Dinka Regime of Salva Kiir is seeking to exterminate Nuer

Is this claims true or just negative propaganda?. The answer is the truth is putting on it shoes
Mabior Garang de Mabior is second ,rebel propaganda machine , using his father legacy to blackmail the South Sudanese State . The rebels believe that when Mabior disagree with government of Salva Kiir and sided with rebels, Therefore the rebel are right and just and will win as John Garang won And whole world will stand with Rebels . Mabior is always preaching using ‘’ appeal to pity and fear ‘’ fallacy too .

Mr Mabior is demonizing President Kiir by saying he ordered the execution of the Nuer women and children in Juba on December 15 to 18 . This is what Mabior always write in Paanluel Wel and Nyamilepaedia blogs

‘’’a private army trained, armed and financed by the President Kiir conducted a house to house search, murdering 10,000 Nuer women and children) between the 15 and 18 of December, 2013’’

Is this claim true? . NO, NO HUNDRED TIMES NO! , this is negative propaganda. These are just glittering generalities, they are just emotionally appealing words that the rebels applied to mobilize Nuer to commit military suicide and gain sympathy from the International Community.

Mabior should know that demonizing someone is unhelpful to any cause. When Cdr Kerbino Kaunyin Bol dehumanized Dr John , he appealed to Dinka Bare el gazal to leave John Garang and join him , this never help Kerbino , this was his ‘’appeal to fear and pity’’ on BBC ,

‘’ Sons of Bare el gazal , sons of Bare el gazal , Garang is using you like a fire wood , stop fighting for him’’ ,

Kerbino repeated this until he came back to Garang , You too , Mabior and Aduok will vilify Mr . Kiir until you will come back and call him a boss for one minute before you attempt the third coup

This is not the first time Mr . Aduok misinforms and disinforms the world. He did it in the liberation struggle, in his book, ‘’South Sudan: the politic of Liberation’’ Mr Aduok dehumanized Dr . John Garang de Mabior by saying , Garang manage the movement like personal enterprise , he said Garang ordered the Dinka soldiers of Koryom to attack Mundari civilians , looted cattle , raped women , he prophesized that the Movement ran as personal enterprise and killed Mundari civilians could not win and would not win .

The history showed us that John Garang won.

However, did any South Sudanese see any achievement of Nasir CUOP and KHARTUOM PEACE agreement? But all of us can see the achievement of Garang whom Riek and Aduok demonized before the world like they are doing to Salva Kiir now

Another question is Salva Kiir misrule the country so Riek has the right to overthrow him . That is correct. What about John Garang what has he done for Riek to try to overthrow him in 1991?.
The road of lies is nearing to end, the lies started in 1991, but they ended in 2002 when Riek came and confess to Garang de Mabior . History repeat itself, Again the lies started in 2013 and will end when Riek come and apologizes before Salva Kiir.

Finally, the propaganda of appeal to fear and pity never helped the German People during World War 2 .

In the Bible, it is said, the dog vomit and eat it vomit again, . Now Dr Peter Aduok Nyaba and Mabior Garang de Mabior are vomiting but they will eat their vomit when the lies ends and truth arrive after delaying from putting on it shoes

President Salva Kiir is weak but morally right. He must go but ceremonially not violently as you think.

  1. You truly put it right Mr. David Bion, this is what we have all come to know about the likes of Dr. Aduok, Nyaba Dr. Riek Machar who never learned from their mistakes and have time and again betrayed their peoples twice and many more to come if they continue to live on this planet, not for any good reasons but for personal greed. God bless South Sudan


  2. Eastern says:


    I saw the reservations Kiir expressed during the signing of the agreement manifesting themselves during months leading up to the clashes at J1. Kiir is not a saint, a fact, you have circumvented in your piece.


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