The Release of Betrayal by Mading Akueth

Posted: February 7, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers

By Gabriel Gai Deng Biar, Nairobi Kenya

February 7, 2015 (SSB)  The trends of massacring of people of Bor and its environs is unbearable and anyone crowning rebel leader aka prophet of doom and his counterparts who took good care of Mading Akueth at detention cage risk being excommunicated from our community, ten of thousands of people of Bor were killed, but one live does not worth more than lives

First and foremost we thank Almighty father for his protection of three hostages who were held hostage by the forces loyal to prophet of doom and his allies who are supporting him underground. Mading Akueth, we were praying day and night for your safety while you were under detention up to the time of your release, however you sound happy and supportive of rebels and their allies who killed dozens of our innocent civilians and i believe you are aware that those forces you are praising might have massacred some of you relatives.

Your high profile recognition of an effort by the rebels and allies have no space in our community as your message of appreciation is gearing toward crowning them while their hands are tainted with blood of your relatives. The trends of massacred in Bor and its environs is unbearable as ten of thousands of our relatives were massacred during Riek Machar’s turbulent and yet you are praising him and his allies, one live worth lives of people of Bor who have been victim of unconstitutional power takeover

To Mr Ajak Deng Chiengkou, I am aware you are doing your job to win your bread, but be warry of your interviewees who value their individual live than that of those killed in Bor where political havoc emerged at your swamp side of your area of Paan e paan Pandiar which you are now carrying huge burden of assuming responsibilities of the orphans and widows as a result of aimless war waged by prophet of doom and his allies being crowned as kings by Mading Akueth. we are in the world that accommodate freedom of press but does not tolerate massacring of civilians, therefore continue winning your bread but bear in mind all your interviews have negative effects on our people social lives which you are not exempted as you have not yet resettled all your relatives to paradise.

Many thank goes to Isaiah Chol Aruai aka Chol Amoot and Aleer Longar for not crowning rebel leader and his counterparts who are trying hard to make our constitutional government unpopular globally, Mr Isaiah Chol and Aleer you have unquantifiable gifts from me which can not be seen through naked eye as you value your own people more than yourself and this is testify by your position of not praising the murderers.

The author is an incoming financial analyst and can be reached at and facebook # Gai Deng

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  1. Demade25 says:

    you have a problems and i don’t see anything wrong with thanking those who spare your life. your article is a trash and you have no idea what you are talking about in this case. He has the right say whatever he wants and not what you want. keyboard warriors and troll are unopen-minded individual.


  2. ALEER, JD says:

    After an enemy raped your sister, killed your daddy, mum and/or uncle indiscriminately, and then releases you to tell the story then all you do is praise them for releasing/sparing you. unless you are out of your mind.
    I too prayed for the release but I was thinking what they will be talking about once released.


  3. Chol Deng says:

    To Gai Deng, you people have problem of importing problems home. what is wrong with someone thanking his captor for releasing him? are you not happy that your brother has come home?

    Ho I realize that Mading Akueth might be your rival in Baaidit, hence you have good ground for the envy.

    But let me ask you question, are not happy with Nuer? If yes then why didn’t you pick the gun and go after them, because there are those who joint the army because of one thing or the other.

    We have the governor who is a Nuer and other VIPs in Bor yet they pass under your eyes and even a lot of Nuer guys are in Juba why don’t you prove your hatred instead of bothering someone who returns his excitement with thanks.

    This war engulfed the country as a political war although it took a different course, but people will live together again as South Sudanese, I lost a person I love the most the man who educated me and other relatives but the release of Mading is a gesture toward peace.

    Live Mading Akueth alone he is a humanitarian worker who is also serving the Nuer people regardless of anything which might be the reason why God/his captor let him go, in fact he proposed a lot of projects that saved the lives of thousands and thousands of people in Jonglei.

    Live him alone.


  4. John Deng says:

    @ Gabriel Gai Deng, I thought education change human behaviors but with this article where you literary attacked this humanitarian fellow, one can conclude that the likes of you are wasting resources or called it semester fees or pocket money send by your parents to sustain your education in Nairobi.
    This differences or called it political differences as evidence in the article will not take you anywhere, Mading is a pure humanitarian worker and has nothing to do with you if he appreciate the rebels for having the sense of humanity, this does not implies he is a rebel!.
    Again, I thought the graduate or undergraduates from Baidit have an insight of fully understanding the dynamic of this conflict but the few of your likes that feed on scraps from Nairobi drag us backward!.
    develop ruthless commence again against anybody like you did and you will be bombarded.
    enjoy your dinner and remember politic should not divide us!


  5. Ayuel says:

    Leave such a shallow thinker alone. He doesn’t know what he is talking about as can be judged from his English proficiency. Unashamedly, he called himself “incoming financial analyst”. He is the likes of people who will always drag out country back because of thinking with the back of his head. Revenge has never moved the world forward but forgiveness and reconciliation do.


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